Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2035 - Rather Die Than Retreat (5)

Chapter 2035: Rather Die Than Retreat (5)

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Old man Yun had always been stingy but right now, as long as he could save Hong Luan’s life, he wouldn’t even frown in the slightest even if he had to take out his stash of many years.

“There’s no need,” Hong Luan shook her head weakly, “No amount of spirit medicine can cure me, so why waste them?”

Hong Ling tightly clutched Hong Luan’s hand as tear stains could be seen on his face.

Yun Qingya and Ning Xin stood on one side with a grieving expression. In the end, they were of no help. Instead, they had implicated Hong Luan.

“Hahaha!” All of a sudden, crazy laughter sounded from within the flame. Shortly after, the burning flame had dissipated under the wind.

Hong Luan’s eyes narrowed, He’s not dead?

“Do you think you can kill me with your strength?” The man’s gloomy voice was of complacent emotions, “Right now, due to your forceful utilization of that secret technique, you don’t have much time left. I’d like to see who else can block my path!”

Hong Luan forcefully coughed and her matchless appearance seemed deathly white. “Quick, hurry and escape! Hurry up and leave this place!”


A smile tugged on his lips. “Do you think they can escape? No matter what Qin Family sets out to do, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. Of course, the first one I’m killing would be you!”

His clothes had been burnt to the crisp by the flame and he surfaced before everyone in his birthday suit.


Before anyone managed to react, the man had already appeared before Hong Luan. Releasing power from his hands, he intended to attack Hong Luan with a heavy strike.

Under this man’s might, the others couldn’t even move the slightest, not to mention taking the attack in place of Hong Luan.

However… a light breeze suddenly appeared and a man’s figure descended from the skies. Reaching out his both arms, he pulled Hong Luan into his embrace before using his back to receive the other party’s attack.


Blood overflowed from his mouth, similar to a rain of blood and scattered on Hong Luan’s pale face.

Hong Luan widened her eyes as she stared blankly at the man who pulled her into his embrace.

“Nangong… Yunyi?”

Why… Why is he here?

“Hong Luan, I’m sorry I’m late.” A weak smile quirked up his face while he spoke with great difficulty. Hong Luan’s heart clenched tightly as her eyes revealed bitterness and had an urge to cry.

“I’ve already activated a secret technique and I wouldn’t have much time left. Why bother blocking the attack for me?”

“I don’t wish to witness you getting injured…” This and nothing more! Unfortunately, he was still late in returning…

“Nangong Yunyi, your strength has increased. That’s good.”

Hong Luan smiled. Initially, Nangong Yunyi did not hesitate to go on a journey and train, so that he could increase his strength and match up with her. Unexpectedly, he had a great harvest and also attained god-level cultivation.

Of course, even if one had cultivated thousand over years in this continent, they might not even possibly break through if not incidentally obtaining an opportunity, similar to Hong Luan and Nangong Yunyi.

“Working hard was because I wish to stand by your side. Without you, what use do I have with my strength?” Nangong Yunyi gazed at Hong Luan whose complexion became paler, and his pain and suffering were hard to conceal, “Therefore, you have to persist on until Yun Luofeng’s return. She’ll have a way to save you…”

Nangong Yunyi was acquainted with Yun Luofeng for two lifetimes and in his heart, that white-robed lady was omnipotent. Nothing in this world was impossible for her.

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