Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2034 - Rather Die Than Retreat (4)

Chapter 2034: Rather Die Than Retreat (4)

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Hong Luan’s bleeding was stopped, yet her internal organs were still in extreme pain.

“Leave,” While being heavily injured, Hong Luan stood up nonetheless.

Retreat? Impossible!

If she allowed the Qin Family to bring away old man Yun and the rest before her, how was she to face Yun Luofeng in the future?

“Luan’er!” Hong Ling wanted to stop her but saw his daughter appearing before the Qin Family again.

“En?” The man glanced at Hong Luan in shock. “You’re not dead after receiving such a heavy blow of mine?”

Hong Luan did not speak as she shut her eyes. A sudden violent storm appeared and her aura increased in this instant. Her headful of fine black hair danced within the gale.

Not to mention the Qin Family who was extremely close to her, even old man Yun and the rest noticed something amiss with her aura.

“Miss Yun, stop!” Ning Xin’s face was deathly white as she turned pale from shock.


Hong Ling’s footsteps staggered and wanted to approach Hong Luan several times. However, he was pushed out by the storm she released and could only look on helplessly at the red-robed lady’s strength increasing within the violent storm.

“You…” The man’s expression was of shock. Looking at the woman standing before him, he gnashed his teeth and asked. “What secret technique did you use to raise your strength?”

Hong Luan looked up and her phoenix eyes radiated chilliness. After the storm gradually disappeared, she slowly walked towards the Qin Family.

“During this period, I obtained an opportunity while traveling, allowing my strength to breakthrough to god-level. Furthermore, I obtained this secret technique at that time…”

However, the price for using this technique was also very huge… Even so, she did not regret her actions!

Looking at Hong Luan approaching, a sinister trace streaked across his eyes as he continued shouting. “Attack, kill this woman!”

The Qin Family recovered their senses and they dashed towards Hong Luan in an instant…


Hong Luan’s body was surrounded by a violent storm in an instant and those who wanted to approach her had been sent flying by the storm. Their figures fell back in a sorry figure, with blood flowing out continuously from their mouth…

“I’ve said this from the start. As long as I, Hong Luan aren’t dead, don’t even think about touching a single strand of hair of the Yun Family! And I will definitely uphold what I said!”

Hong Luan slowly stretched out her hands…

The man was stunned, not understanding her intentions. While he was puzzled and still thinking, a flame shot out from her palm. This flame burned even more violently under the wind and arrived before them in a blink of an eye.


The powerful flame devoured the man’s body, causing him to release heart-wrenching wails.

Hong Luan’s body trembled but ultimately, she collapsed as she could no longer stand up…

The instant she fell, her powers also disappeared and her entire being was similar to cracked glass, seemingly extremely weak.

“Luan’er!” Hong Ling rushed to Hong Luan and tightly held her hands as he said. “You… why the need for this?”

Hong Luan smiled. “At least I’ve upheld my promise, haven’t I?”

At this moment, perhaps sensing Hong Luan’s weak breathing, old man Yun hastily fished out all the spirit medicine in his space ring as his aged face was filled with anxiousness. “These are the spirit medicines my granddaughter gave me, hurry and have Miss Hong Luan consume them!”

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