Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2033 - Rather Die Than Retreat (3)

Chapter 2033: Rather Die Than Retreat (3)

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Hong Luan glanced at Yun Qingya and Ning Xin before turning her sight to the enemy.

“I’m not dead yet, so who can take away the Yun Family from my East Governor Estate?” Her voice was extremely overbearing as it was powerful and resonated throughout everyone hearts. Even the Qin Family troops had somewhat respected Hong Luan. Of course, respecting her was something different altogether and they hadn’t forgotten their motive for coming…

“Hong Luan!”

Looking at Hong Luan taking a lead in launching an attack from afar, Hong Ling was shocked to the extent his heart was about to leap out. However, neither one of the experts was someone he could deal with…

Within the sky, dark clouds once again shrouded the sun. Hong Luan’s silhouette was very nimble as she passed through the group.

Among these group of experts from the Qin Family, everyone was a god-level expert other than the leader!

Even if Hong Luan had broken through to the god-level, she was far from being their opponent.


One of the experts launched an attack on Hong Luan, causing a trace of blood to overflow from her lips. Wiping the bloodstain, Hong Luan launched another attack towards that expert.

Her red-robes had become extremely ragged and the injuries on her body being very prominent. There was a huge bloodstain on her arm but she was still standing in the skies with determination as she used her body to block these incoming experts.

“Enough!” Ning Xin covered her mouth. “Miss Hong Luan, it’s really enough. You’re not their match so please stop!”

Enough? How could this be enough?

Since she had promised Yun Luofeng, then she must protect them at the risk of her life! Hong Luan gripped the long sword in her hand, appearing like a war god as her entire body radiated a killing aura.

Her body was long riddled with injuries under their attacks but no matter how serious her injuries, she had never once thought of taking a step back.

“You’re overestimating your capabilities!” The man laughed grimly upon noticing Hong Luan’s willing spirit but lack of strength. Immediately after that, powerful energy gathered on his fists as he swooped down and slammed against Hong Luan’s chest with a bang…


Blood poured out incessantly from her mouth and her arm firmly grabbed on the man’s arm. A trace of shock streaked across his eyes. He had long attained heavenly-god level but right now… he was restrained by a god-level cultivator?

“I…” The corner of her lips was stained with blood as a peerless smile surfaced. “Even if I am to be buried here today, I’ll still drag you all down to the underworld with me!”

Hong Luan’s sword was stained with her blood and radiated a breathtaking red light. Soon after, the longsword suddenly chopped towards the man under everyone’s astonished gaze.

He wanted to struggle free of Hong Luan’s arm yet realized he couldn’t move in the slightest. He became agitated with anger as he completely released his aura and attacked towards Hong Luan.

Her body was similar to shattered glass and heavily flew out. Fresh blood flowed out incessantly, causing her expression to become extremely pale.

At the same time, the longsword chopped down. If it weren’t for the man’s heavenly-god level strength, probably his entire arm would be separated by this attack.

Despite this, his arm was still injured as blood gushed out, staining his robes red.

“Luan’er!” Hong Ling released a heart-wrenching scream and rapidly dash to Hong Luan’s side as tears trickled down. “Luan’er, let’s stop fighting. I don’t wish to lose you…”

Old man Yun and the rest had also come to Hong Luan’s side hastily and took out a stalk of spirit medicine to feed her.

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