Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2032 - Rather Die Than Retreat (2)

Chapter 2032: Rather Die Than Retreat (2)

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Otherwise, wouldn’t the Qin Family lose all their face?

“Since you’re determined, then don’t blame my impoliteness. Men, attack and kill this woman!”

That man coldly waved his hand and gave his orders with indifference. He looked down at Hong Luan as if looking at a dead person!

That’s right. In his eyes, Hong Luan was no different than a dead person!

“Stop!” Just then, a shout suddenly sounded from the rear courtyard.

Hong Luan was momentarily distracted. Turning back, she saw the Yun Family members walking over in haste as a trace of anxiousness streaked across her eyes. “Why are you here?”

Old man Yun’s crossed his hands behind his back and wore a solemn expression. His footsteps were extremely quick as he walked to Hong Luan’s side.

Yun Qingya and Ning Xin walked behind of old man Yun and were both silent and serious.

“Who are you?” The man cold eyes stared at old man Yun as he expressionlessly asked.

“Why? Didn’t you come here looking for my Yun Family? Now that we’ve appeared, why are you asking for our identity?” Old man Yun’s expression was cynical as a faint trace of mocking hung on his lips.

The man looked up and spoke in an exuberant tone. “So you’re the Yun Family members. I’d have to trouble you to take a trip together with me!”

“You’re thinking of capturing us to threaten my granddaughter?” Old man Yun coldly spoke.

The North Governor Estate and the Saintly Virgin Tribe once collaborated and committed the same act. Unexpectedly, even people from the Spirit God Continent were utilizing the same method to threaten Yun Luofeng.

“Unless you want everyone to be buried next to you, immediately leave with me right now!” The man was disinclined to speak and straightforwardly spoke.

Old man Yun’s expression changed as his pair of eyes contained flames of fury.

“Father,” Yun Qingya outstretched his hand and stopped old man Yun. Looking up at the man, he asked. “If we follow you, will you honestly let the rest off?”

“That’s right!” The man looked down on Yun Qingya from above as a trace of disdain flashed through his eyes.

“Okay! One should bear the consequences for our actions and since it was the Yun Family who committed the mistake, it’s unrelated to outsiders. I’ll leave with you! As for my grandfather, he’s old and can’t bear the torment. While my wife is only a woman and this doesn’t require her to partake. ”

Yun Qingya moved his hand and gently pushed away Ning Xin’s tightly gripping hand as he slowly walked towards the Qin Family.

“Brother Yun!” Ning Xin’s heart tightened and hastily chased up. “We’re husband and wife and I won’t look on helplessly at you leaving alone. I want to be together with you even in death!”

How could she not understand Yun Qingya’s personality? He would never let himself be a burden for Yun Luofeng. Therefore… he was already prepared to meet his death!

Yun Qingya’s footsteps stopped but ultimately stayed silent. He held his hands behind his back and then walked quickly to the Qin Family.

The man sneered and reached out, wanting to grab Yun Qingya. However, a powerful force suddenly attacked from the front with a bang, causing him to take back his hand and retreat.

The woman dressed in red-robes seemed to be a dazzling sun in the sky, beautiful to the extent of causing one to be suffocated.

“I don’t care what you want. I only know I’ve promised Yun Luofeng! One cannot renege on their promise and since I’ve made a promise, I’ll certainly accomplish what I promised!”

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