Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2031 - Rather Die Than Retreat (1)

Chapter 2031: Rather Die Than Retreat (1)

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Hong Ling was momentarily speechless. He knew that they wouldn’t leave with him if he didn’t reveal the truth today. And so he no longer concealed anything and revealed everything.

Upon hearing the truth, Yun Qingya’s expression became increasingly chilly. “Why didn’t you say this earlier? Since the enemy is coming for our Yun Family, we’ll stand up. Why the need to sacrifice all these innocent men?”

“Brother Hong,” Ning Xin extended her hand and tightly grasped Yun Qingya’s trembling hand before looking up to Hong Ling and the rest. “Can I trouble you to take care of Shui’er and these children?”

Hong Ling widened his mouth. He knew Yun Family’s intentions and wanted to say something, but ultimately, he shut his mouth in helplessness.


“Mother!” Yun Ruoshui swiftly stood up and tightly grabbed Ning Xin’s arm. “Shui’er wants to go too!”

“No, all of you shall stay here and leave it to the adults to deal with these matters.” Ning Xin’s expression was very gentle. “In addition, if we don’t return, immediately search for your cousin. Only by staying at her side will you be the safest.”

After speaking, Ning Xin looked up at Yun Qingya, while a trace of determination surfaced on her beautiful and dignified face.

“Brother Yun, let’s go.” The instant she married Yun Qingya, she was also one of the Yun Family. No matter how difficult or dangerous it was, she would definitely advance and retreat together with him!

“No, Mother!” Yun Ruoshui started wailing and attempted to grab Ning Xin but was held back.

Tears could be seen across her face as she outstretched her arms, wanting to grab her family that was leaving. Yet in the end, she could only look on helplessly at their departing figures.

East Province Governor’s Estate.

The entire sky was shrouded in gloomy clouds.

Under the dark clouds, the man holding onto a halberd was similar to a war god as he stood in the sky like an unmovable mountain. He appeared grave and stern as he was expressionless. “Where is the Yun Family? Hand them over and perhaps I might spare your life!”

Hong Luan sneered but her figure blocked them before the Governor Estate’s gates and her bright-colored red-robes was shining as bright as a red flame.

“If you want to enter, you’ll have to step over my corpse!” Her voice was very aggressive while there was determination across her face.

“Hmph,” The man coldly gazed down at Hong Luan, “Since you’re intent on protecting the Yun Family, then your ending won’t differ from the Jun Family and the Saintly Virgin Tribe!”

Hong Luan remained unmoved as her heart only had a thought, that she couldn’t betray her friend’s trust. Even if… she had to use her life as the price, she would not hesitate to do so!

“In my whole life, the only friend I have that I would give up my life for is Yun Luofeng!” Her figure was faintly discernable as her bright-colored red-robes seemed to have lit up the entire skies.

“Before she left, she once tasked me to protect her family and I will never eat my words!”

Hearing her words, the man cast her an admiring gaze. However, the trace of admiration was only fleeting and he recovered his initial coldness very soon.

So what if Hong Luan was outstanding?

The person Yun Luofeng killed was one of the Qin Family, and even if she was a traitor that they expelled, they would never allow anyone to kill her!


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