Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2030 - Crisis (6)

Chapter 2030: Crisis (6)

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After speaking, Hong Ling hurriedly walked towards the Yun Family.

Within the courtyard. Old man Yun was currently feeling extremely bored with Yun Qingya and Ning Xin accompanying him by his side. Xiao Ruoshui was obediently sitting on the ground looking naive with her huge innocent eyes.

Those young geniuses who Yun Luofeng subdued in place of Ruoshui were all following by her side and cultivating while seated cross-legged on the ground.

Jun Fengling and Ye Jingchen weren’t present. After Yun Luofeng departed, both of them had also left the Seven Province Continent, and it was unknown where they had headed towards to train…

The twins Ye Xie and Ye Jun had followed old man Ye back to the Land of No Return while Ye Ximo and Ye Qi had also gone out separately to train. Therefore, all of them weren’t here.

At this moment, old man Yun noticed Hong Ling and company walking over in haste. His eyes brightened as he complained. “You’re finally here.”

Hearing his complaining tone, the East Governor Estate’s subordinates revealed unhappy expressions. Instead, Hong Ling spoke with a broad tone, “Old man Yun, right now, we’ll be leaving this place and all of you, follow me.”

Leave? Everyone was dumbstruck.

Yun Qingya frowned. “Governor, can you tell us what exactly happened? Why are you preventing us from going to the Jun Family and leaving this place?”

In reality, the Yun Family members were still unaware of what had happened even now. After sending away old man Ye, they had intended to head towards the Seven Province Continent. Unexpectedly, they witnessed complete disorder the moment they entered the Jun Family. After that, Hong Luan had brought them away before they managed to inquire about what had happened.

After all, the Qin Family men only knew that it was Yun Luofeng who killed Qin Luo and she belonged to the Yun Family. As for the matters in Longxiao Continent and the Land of No Return, they did not investigate any further.

The only thing they knew was that Yun Luofeng was also related to the Jun Family. However, Yun Luofeng ultimately had the surname Yun and therefore, they were only looking for the Yun Family!

Yet, they did not intend to easily let the others off and had heavily injured old man Jun and people who were friends with Yun Luofeng.

Originally, they believed that they wouldn’t survive but unexpectedly, Yun Luofeng had passed them numerous spirit medicines before her departure and this saved their lives…

“Old man Yun, don’t ask any further and leave here with me right now.” Hong Ling frowned as he spoke anxiously.

Old man Yun sensed something fishy and no longer had his previous complaining tone. “Governor, no matter what has happened, you should inform us of the current circumstances. Now that we’re completely in the dark, how are we to leave with you?”

“Oh right, where is Miss Hong Luan?” Seemingly noticing something, Ning Xin questioned, “Why are you asking us to leave but Miss Hong Luan isn’t here? Governor, what exactly has happened?”

Upon hearing Hong Luan’s name Hong Ling eventually couldn’t suppress his sorrow as his heart was flooded with deep pain.

“My daughter has gone to hold back the enemies for you. Right now, you have to leave with me! So that my daughter… won’t have sacrificed for nothing!”

So what if Hong Luan broke through to god-level realm? Those men were even more powerful enemies!

Hong Luan merely went to hold them back and how could there be any hope for her to survive?

Yun Qingya’s expression suddenly turned chilly. “You’re saying that Miss Hong Luan went to hold back a group of enemies and they are coming for our Yun Family? The Jun Family having an accident previously, was it also because of us?”

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