Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2029 - Crisis (5)

Chapter 2029: Crisis (5)

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Both the Saintly Virgin Tribe and the Jun Family had suffered heavy casualties under the Qin Family’s attack and even old man Jun was hanging at death’s door! Therefore, she had made a unilateral decision to fetch the Yun Family into the East Province Governor’s Estate.

Only they were capable of protecting the Yun Family right now.

“Actually, I’ve been making preparations during this period of time!” Hong Luan slowly stood up. “Furthermore, I’ve left a retreat route for myself! Father, I request that you take the Yun Family and escape when the Qin Family attacks.”

“Luan’er, what are you thinking of doing?!” Hong Ling’s expression sank. “I will never let you take the risk!”

“I’ve never requested anything from you and with the Yun Family’s unyielding personality, they wouldn’t possibly allow me to sacrifice myself in their place. At that time, I’ll have to trouble you to think of a lie to deal with them and prevent them from noticing!”


“Old man Jun is recuperating in the Saintly Virgin Tribe and the others with a good relationship with Yun Luofeng are also seriously injured. Therefore, we are the only ones capable of protecting the Yun Family as of now!”

If Yun Luofeng hadn’t left behind numerous spirit medicine before leaving, old man Jun and the rest would’ve passed away due to their heavy injuries…

Hong Ling glanced at Hong Luan’s determined expression and said, “Luan’er, I’ll stay and you will take the Yun Family away at that time.”

“Father, with your current strength, are you more powerful than me?”Hong Luan turned back and looked at Hong Ling. “Within this Continent, I am the only one who has broken through to god-level cultivation!”

Hong Ling trembled. Right now, his daughter’s growth had been extremely fast, to the extent… he couldn’t compare to her.

“Therefore, I am the only one who can temporarily obstruct their advances!”

Even at the cost of her life, she would keep the promise she made to Yun Luofeng!

“There should be other methods and there are three days left of the time limit the Qin Family gave us. Within these three days, we will definitely think of a method. Luan’er,” Hong Ling anxiously walked towards Hong Luan, “your father will never let you take the risk!”

He only had one daughter and how could he bear for her to suffer any harm? If something happened to his daughter, then how should he continue living? Hong Luan shook her head as her domineering phoenix eyes radiated resolution.

Three days passed by in a blink of an eye and it was soon the final time limit the Qin Family had given.

Within these three days, everyone in the East Governor Estate hadn’t had a wink of sleep as they were quietly waiting for today.

No matter how huge the Seven Province Continent was, it was of no difficulty for the Qin Family to locate someone. Therefore, no matter where the Yun Family was hiding, they couldn’t escape the eyes of the Qin Family.

What they could do was to stall for time. As long as they managed to wait for Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao’s return, all the crisis would be resolved…

“They’re here.” Seemingly sensing a powerful aura in the skies, Hong Luan’s brows twitched. She slowly stood up from her seat as her red-robes were as enchanting as fire, yet containing courage and resolution.

“Father, immediately take the Yun Family to escape. I’ll hold them here!”

“Luan’er!” Hong Lin hastily went up and pulled Hong Luan’s hand, “You can’t go.”

Hong Luan stiffened and pushed his hands away while her eyelids drooped.

“Please!” After speaking, her determined footsteps walked out the door.

“Governor!” All the elders had a forlorn expression. If it weren’t for the Yun Family, this wouldn’t have happened.

“Let’s go!” Hong Ling glanced at Hong Luan’s departing silhouette in sorrow, “I can’t let my daughter break her promise. All of you, immediately cover the Yun Family’s retreat!”


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