Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2028 - Crisis (4)

Chapter 2028: Crisis (4)

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Bai Ling stared blankly for a long time before she recovered to her senses. As for Yun Xiao who stood on one side, he dashed towards Yun Luofeng and fiercely pulled her into his embrace.

“Feng’er, you’re pregnant?” His expression revealed excitement, different from his usual ice-cold and expressionless face.

Frankly speaking, no man could maintain being unperturbed after they encountered such news.

Under both of their excited gazes, Yun Luofeng nodded. “I felt some discomfort yesterday and checked my pulse. I then found out that I am pregnant. Seems like Cang Ji isn’t unreliable…”

Yun Xiao embraced Yun Luofeng with excitement. “I’m about to be a father! Feng’er, I’m going to be a father!”

Yun Luofeng smiled. Despite knowing Yun Xiao for numerous years, this was their first child. In fact, she was as excited as Yun Xiao.

As if something came to his mind, Yun Xiao softly caressed her lower abdomen and his tone abruptly became stern. “You better be obedient inside your mother’s womb. If you dare to cause trouble or let her feel the slightest pain, I won’t let you off after you’re born.”

Looking at Yun Xiao’s serious expression, Bai Ling suddenly chuckled. “He won’t understand what you’re saying.”

“No, he understands,” Yun Xiao answered in all seriousness.

This answer caused Bai Ling to be shocked. “How?”

“I don’t know, my gut feeling.” He felt that this child would understand whatever he was saying.

“Protect your mother and don’t allow her to suffer the slightest harm!” Yun Xiao lowered his head as he warned. “This is my task for you.”

All along, Yun Luofeng’s gaze was on Yun Xiao as she felt incomparably warm deep down. Even Yun Xiao’s serious appearance made her feel that he was extremely handsome…

“It’s quite late, let’s set off now.” Yun Luofeng glanced at Qi Ling with a reluctant look and said, “When Qi Su returns, remember to inform him that I’ve taken Mother to return and visit our family. If he wants to find me in the future, he can come to the Seven Province Continent. I’ll be leaving the location to leave Fengyun Continent to you and don’t forget to hand it to Qi Su.”

Yun Luofeng then gave a few more instructions and only left together with Bai Ling after Qi Ling had remembered all her instructions…

At that moment, Yun Luofeng was completely unaware that what waited for her in the Seven Province Continent was a violent storm. After she returned and found out everything that had happened, her flames of fury were sufficient to ignite the entire Continent.

Seven Province Continent, East Province’s Governor Estate.

Within the conference room, everyone was in a constant argument, and the elder’s voices were in high spirits as saliva splashed everywhere.

Hearing their furious hoots while seating among the group of the crowd, she could no longer tolerate it and her fists smashed the table with a bang. “Having the Yun Family stay is of my own decision and any consequences will be borne by myself alone. You don’t have to worry.”

“Eldest Miss, it’s fine to have a good relationship with Yun Luofeng and in normal times we would not object! However, Yun Luofeng previously murdered family members of the Qin Family from the Spirit God Continent. Now that they’ve come looking for revenge, how can we continue sheltering her family? Furthermore, the Qin Family has said that as long as we hand them over, they won’t make things difficult for others…”

Hong Luan tightly clenched her fists.

Not long after Yun Luofeng left, the Qin Family of the Spirit God Continent had suddenly appeared.


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