Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2027 - Crisis (3)

Chapter 2027: Crisis (3)

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Following this, Lian Yuesheng’s words caused Chen Feiyang to stiffen as endless panic permeated his heart.

“Do you remember the man who appeared in Fengyun City back then? He is also Yun Luofeng’s husband. That man has already attained monarch-god level cultivation. You assumed that the Freedom Alliance could stand against her, but the actual fact was, she had two monarch-god level experts under her wing!

Boom! Her words were similar to a lightning bolt from the blue, causing Chen Feiyang to be instantly shocked silly.

It wasn’t until just now that he realized how huge of a mistake he committed.

“Jinyang, now that you’ve returned to the Jinyang Kingdom together with them…”

“Don’t call by that name!” Lian Yuesheng gnashed her teeth in anger. “I am no longer the Jinyang Kindom’s princess! My name is Lian Yuesheng and I no longer have any association with you!”

Previously when she had made up her mind, it already involved the breaking of all ties between them and what remained was merely her hatred for him!

“Everyone, although I was once the Jinyang Kingdom’s princess, I swore an oath to leave this kingdom. As for this guy, I will not care how you decide to deal with him!” Her expression was chilly as she spoke in a determined voice. “I returned only to retrieve my mother’s belongings and I will not speak up for him!”

As the traitor of Four Kingdoms, it was obvious how Chen Feiyang’s would end up!

“Jinyang!” Chen Feiyang clenched his fists. “Even if Imperial Father is at fault, I am still your biological father! Aren’t you afraid of getting struck by lightning by treating me this way?”

Just as Lian Yuesheng wanted to leave, she suddenly paused. With her back facing Chen Feiyang, her voice was unsympathetic. “I died once and if it weren’t for Miss Yun’s appearance, I’m afraid I would’ve become a spirit beast’s food.”

“Towards someone who has died once, what else do you think I will fear?”

A bitter smile hung on her lips after she spoke. She did not turn around and walked towards the chambers of the Emperor’s harem.

After this, she would never return to this heartrending place. As for the Jinyang Kingdom… she believed that Qi Ling had the capability to manage it.

Meanwhile in the Liufeng Kingdom, Qi Family.

Qi Ling tugged Bai Ling and Yun Luofeng’s sleeve with reluctance and revealed a pitiful look. “Aunt Yun, Master, are you honestly leaving? Can you bring Ling’er along with you?”

Bai Ling and Yun Luofeng met gazes and consoled the little girl before them that was filled with tears.

“Little Ling’er, Aunt Yun and your Master are only leaving for a brief period of time and we’ll return to visit you in the future. Furthermore, Aunt Yun has been separated from my family for a very long while and it’s time to return and visit them.”

Hearing Bai Ling’s words, Qi Ling ultimately loosened her hands even though she was reluctant. “Then… you’ll have to return to visit.”


Yun Luofeng caressed Qi Ling’s head and turned towards Bai Ling and Yun Xiao. “Mother, Yun Xiao, let us leave first. Upon returning this time, there’ll be two surprises for the old man…”

Ji Jiutian had sent forth information a few days back, and he mentioned that he found the method to leave the Fengyun Continent and wanted to meet in haste. Now that she could leave the Fengyun Continent and reunite with her family after great difficulties, Bai Ling wasn’t even willing to stay for another day. It was to the extent of pulling along Yun Luofeng to leave without waiting for Qi Su’s return.

“Two surprises? Bai Ling stared blankly in confusion. “Wasn’t there only one?”

“There’s another surprise in my tummy…”

Another surprise in Yun Luofeng’s tummy? What did she mean?


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