Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2026 - Crisis (2)

Chapter 2026: Crisis (2)

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The ferocious beast opened it’s mouth wide and swallowed the food falling from the sky. Yet, its appetite still wasn’t satisfied, and it started getting restless.

It didn’t take too long until Yun Yi had captured all the geniuses that delusionally attempted to escape and all of them become the ferocious beast’s food.

“Thank you…”

Under the azure blue skies, Lian Yuesheng looked at the gorgeous woman in front and sincerely thanked her.

“You don’t have to thank me, I am only returning a favor.” Yun Luofeng slowly turned away and replied indifferently.

Lian Yuesheng was startled. “Return a favor?”

When did Yun Luofeng ever owe her a favor?

Hearing her question, Yun Luofeng swept her gaze to Lian Yuesheng and her tone was of absent-mindedness. “You warned me previously in the Forest of Heaven’s Trial.”

Lian Yuesheng was stunned. Previously in the Forest of Heaven’s Trial, she admired Yun Luofeng and hoped to battle her in the future, so she warned her…

More importantly, as geniuses, they would naturally cherish each other and she was unwilling to see a genius meet their death due to tragic circumstances in the Forest of Heaven’s Trial.

However… it was because of this reminder that saved her life! Complicated feelings welled up in her heart. Human hearts are actually very simple, people would treat you the way you treated them.

“No matter what, I’d still like to thank you…” If Yun Luofeng hadn’t come to save her, she would’ve become food for the spirit beast. She would forever remember this favor in her heart…

Jinyang Kingdom.

Chen Feiyang constantly felt unease, yet wasn’t able to identify the reason why. Just then, a eunuch hastily ran over. “Your Majesty, something bad happened. Armies from three kingdoms have come, claiming they want to settle debts with Your Majesty!”

“What?” Chen Feiyang stood up in shock with an anxious expression. “Quick, contact the Freedom Alliance for help. Both of us are in the same boat and they wouldn’t leave us in the lurch…”

“There’s no need to look for them.” Suddenly, a crisp voice sounded and Chen Feiyang stiffened. The instant he looked over, he saw a group of outsiders walking in.

They were respectively Qi Su of the Liufeng Kingdom, Qi Ling of the Tianqi Kingdom, General Yi Lin of the Ziyue Kingdom, and…


“Jinyang, why are you…” Chen Feiyang’s expression faintly changed as his voice contained disbelief.

“Because of your selfishness, you handed me over to Lang Xinyue. However, you never expected that the Freedom Alliance’s leader had long met his end. Right now, Lang Xinyue doesn’t even have her skeleton left!”

Lian Yuesheng’s voice was full of hatred and her eyes were filled with killing intent. She would never forget that it was this man who was an accomplice to her mother’s murder!

For the rest of her life, she would never forgive him!

“You said Miss Lang is dead?” Chen Feiyang staggered and he nearly fell on the ground with a look of astonishment on his face. “Impossible. The Freedom Alliance is very powerful, so how could she possibly die?”

“The Freedom Alliance is indeed powerful. Unfortunately, Lang Xinyue was a traitor to the Freedom Alliance and that Ou Lei was merely a placeholder,” Lian Yuesheng said in a chilly tone. “The true leader of the Freedom Alliance should be the old leader’s disciple, Yun Yueqing. She is also… Yun Luofeng’s mother!”

Lang Xinyue and Lord Ou Lei are traitors?

The true leader of the Freedom Alliance should be Yun Yueqing… However, when did Yun Yueqing become Yun Luofeng’s mother?


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