Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2025 - Crisis (1)

Chapter 2025: Crisis (1)

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While all sorts of feelings welled up within Lian Yuesheng, Yun Luofeng had steadily landed on the ground. Her eyes swept across the numerous geniuses while revealing a cold biting gaze, causing everyone to feel chill that spread throughout their body.

"So the Freedom Alliance is merely so." She released Lian Yuesheng as her lighthearted footsteps headed towards the group of geniuses.

"Who are you? How dare you intrude in our Freedom Alliance!" That group of geniuses was astonished, but they still unsheathed their weapons and pointed them at Yun Luofeng.

"I came here to kill you, scum of the community!"

Yun Luofeng smirked and upon raising her hand, a raging tempest abruptly appeared and attacked. Before they managed to react, they received a powerful blow and swiftly flew out. And they just happened to land before an elder who had led Yun Luofeng there.

"Elder, you're finally here!" That genius felt heartened and before he had the chance to speak, he was interrupted by the elder's unfeeling voice.

"We were all duped by Lang Xinyue! The old leader had passed the seal to Yueqing long ago and left his last will. Even those words before were fabricated by the leader! This lady here is Yueqing's daughter and the woman who was nearly defiled by all of you is the Jinyang Kingdom's princess."

The geniuses' expressions changed as they momentarily forgot about begging for forgiveness.

"You're on your own." The elder sighed with helplessness and turned to leave after casting a last glance at these geniuses that were shocked silly.

Lian Yuesheng stared intently at the white-robed lady before her as complicated feelings welled up her heart.

Those people she regarded as her family personally pushed her out and instead, a complete stranger had extended a helping hand? How could she not be bitterly disappointed?

"Miss!" Those group of geniuses finally understood the situation from the elder and no longer put on high airs. With a plop, they all knelt down. "Please let us off, we failed to recognize the truth and fell for Lang Xinyue's lies. We request that you forgive us this time, and we won't dare to do this in the future."

He fiercely kowtowed, to the extent his forehead was bruised and acted as if he felt nothing. Shortly after, fresh blood flowed out from his forehead. However, he only felt the fear present in his heart, completely not sensing the pain on his forehead.

"You're saying that you believed in Lang Xinyue's lies and committed such mistakes. Is that right?" Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes as a sinister glint streaked across.

That person hastily nodded. "That's right, this was what happened!"

Yun Luofeng laughed. "Unfortunately, in my opinion, all of you were controlled by your bodily desires and even without Lang Xinyue, you would still capture her after discovering Jinyang's existence! Just so that you could satisfy your desires!"

As Yun Luofeng approached, they all felt an oppressive aura and raised their heads in dismay. What was reflected in their eyes was the woman's devastatingly gorgeous appearance.

"So…" Yun Luofeng stopped and coldly said, while pointing to the edge of the cliff, "Will you jump down on your own accord or will I have to throw you down?"

All the geniuses sucked in a cold breath and met each other's gazes. "Run!" Instantly, they turned and escaped. However, before they got any further, they had been lifted by their lapels and then ruthlessly thrown down towards the overhanging cliff…

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