Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2024 - Death of Lang Xinyue (10)

Chapter 2024: Death of Lang Xinyue (10)

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"But then again, why the need to commit such acts in the rear mountain?"

"Tsk, you're ignorant. The rear mountain of our alliance is planted with numerous spirit herbs and with its effects, it'll allow our cultivation speed to increase. In any case, this woman can't escape and there's no need for worry."

"You're right, I doubt she'll have the courage to jump off the cliff. After all, there's a powerful spirit beast below and she would simply be seeking death if she were to jump. As the saying goes, a bad life is better than a good death…"

These young men started conversing and laughed heartily, while no one noticed Lian Yuesheng's expression that darkened.

Lian Yuesheng abruptly laughed and her smile replaced her previous aloofness. It was beautiful to the extent of moving one's heart.

"Do you all wish for dual cultivation with me so much?" Her voice contained tenderness, causing them to go limp and numb.

"Why don't you come first?" All of a sudden, Lian Yuesheng pointed to a slender man while her eyes were slightly flickering.

That man was instantly overjoyed as he hadn't expected the beauty to select him. He then immediately undressed and pounced towards Lian Yuesheng with a hearty laugh.

The others weren't anxious, as their turn would come shortly.

The slender man was completely unguarded towards a beauty like Lian Yuesheng. Just as he pounced on her, he suddenly saw a blade appear in her hands, which was then pressed against his neck.

"Don't move or I'll kill him!" Lian Yuesheng's smile completely disappeared as her expression turned chilly while she sternly shouted. For a moment, everyone was stunned for a moment before they revealed sneers.

"Do you think we'll let you off if you capture him? What a joke! Miss Lang would never let you leave and you don't even have the strength to walk out, do you?"

Lian Yuesheng narrowed her eyes. "I haven't thought about escaping. I merely didn't wish for you to approach me!" While speaking, Lian Yuesheng slowly retreated to the edge of the cliff.

Those men burst into loud laughter. "Little Miss, you better not resist and you can't possibly threaten us. Killing him would make one less competitor and why would we save…"

Just as he spoke, he was shocked as he suddenly realized Lian Yuesheng's motive.

"Quick, stop her! This woman is thinking of jumping the cliff!" However, it was too late… Lian Yuesheng held that slender man and her body leaned back, intending to fall down the cliff…

At the same time, she loosened her hand and allowed that extremely frightened man to drop down while at the same time, witnessed his fall into that ferocious beast's mouth.

This was a good ending too!

Death was preferable to dishonor.

Even if she was gobbled up by that ferocious beast, it was better than being humiliated by them! Lian Yuesheng closed her eyes, while a faint smile quirked up. At that moment she felt a hand embracing her waist as her originally falling body came to a stop, causing her to tremble as she slightly opened her eyes.

A devastatingly gorgeous appearance reflected in her eyes. That woman's features were exquisite, and her brows revealed aggressiveness. Her snow-white robes were similar to an immortal descending into the human world, while her hand had dragged her out of the abyss…

Lian Yuesheng's heart couldn't help but tremble. Her originally despairing eyes revealed a hint of hope.

Why… is she here? Did she come here to save me? But why? We were merely complete strangers.


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