Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2022 - Death of Lang Xinyue (8)

Chapter 2022: Death of Lang Xinyue (8)

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All of a sudden, Yun Luofeng recalled the written record in Jue Qian's book.

A true puppet differs in no way from normal humans. When placed among crowds, no one could make out their identity. However, even Jue Qian hadn't perfected the puppet but right now, had she coincidentally discovered the method?

"Lightning!" Yun Luofeng was suddenly enlightened. It was those heavenly bolts of lightning that made Yun Yi complete, allowing him to have human emotions.

"Yun Yi, you've worked hard. Return and have a rest." Yun Luofeng did not notice the spectator's shocked expressions as she quietly commanded.

"Okay." Yun Yi's voice was very hoarse.

As it was the first time he had consciousness, it resulted in him looking somewhat confused. However, everyone else gasped because of Yun Yi's emergence.

Monarch-god level!

He's actually a monarch-god! Furthermore, he even addressed Yun Luofeng as Master! Oh, that's right. That huge dragon who swallowed Lang Xinyue's power had also broken through to monarch-god level.

In this case, who else in this Fengyun Continent could contend against Yun Luofeng?

Yi Yan, the daughter of Ziyue Kingdom's general, had long been shocked and she trembled upon witnessing the strength behind Yun Luofeng. Originally, she was still secretly aiming for Yun Xiao, but at that moment, she did not even dare to have that slightest thought.

That woman was too terrifying! She had a monarch-god level dragon and puppet… If she attempted to snatch her man, wouldn't she simply be seeking death?

Fortunately, her father had always obstructed her or else she would've no longer existed.

After the power leaked out, Lang Xinyue's strength regressed to reverent-god level. She coughed out blood once again and her eyes filled with resentment and anger glanced towards Bai Ling, then Yun Luofeng. She wanted to say something, but was powerless to do so.

Ultimately… she slowly shut her eyes and all signs of breathing ceased.

After Lang Xinyue's death, the three kingdoms army encircled the entire Freedom Alliance. Those elders started panicking as their voices trembled. "Misunderstanding… everything is a misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding?" Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes, "If it was a misunderstanding, would all of you have transferred your powers to Lang Xinyue?"

The elder's expression changed. They knew they were at fault and when they faced Yun Luofeng's questioning, they could not utter a single word.

Bai Ling sighed and said. "Forget it. On the account that they wanted to rescue me at the last moment, spare them. Dispatch some people to bury Elder Xi. No matter how many mistakes they have committed in the past, it was all because they had been deceived by Lang Xinyue."

"Yueqing," Those elders instantly released a sigh of relief when they heard her defending them. "Now that Lang Xinyue is dead, I wonder if you're willing to inherit the Freedom Alliance and become our leader?"

Bai Ling turned towards the elders and slowly said. "The Freedom Alliance no longer requires a leader."

"Yueqing!" Everyone's expression changed. Bai Ling was the Alliance's last line of hope and how could they be willing to let go?

"Yueqing, you're the only one left to lead our Freedom Alliance. Don't tell me you want a group of elders to take charge? Furthermore, we've lost our powers and the members of the Freedom Alliance might not necessarily be willing to heed us."

Bai Ling shook her head. "Master's intention of establishing the Freedom Alliance was so the experts in this world wouldn't be suppressed by the Four Kingdoms. Now that the Four Kingdoms are under my daughter, we have to revise this regulation. Therefore, there's no longer any need for the Freedom Alliance to exist…"

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