Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2020 - Death of Lang Xinyue (6)

Chapter 2020: Death of Lang Xinyue (6)

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Everyone was stunned and looked shocked. No one knew what happened…

One minute ago, Lang Xinyue was still so arrogant, but now she knelt to Yun Luofeng?

Lang Xinyue was stunned, too. She was embarrassed and got up, but after she walked a few steps, her leg was numb and she fell again.

"The person you should feel guilty to is my mother. You don't need to kneel to me. Even if you want to apologize, you should apologize to her," said Yun Luofeng with a faint smile.

Lang Xinyue almost exploded with anger. She didn't kneel to apologize, but…

"You are courting death!

She gnashed her teeth and angrily got up again, but just like the first two times, she fell again before she could touch Yun Luofeng. Her head hit on the ground, and her eyes were popping with pain.

"Who the h*ll is it? Who sneak-attacked me?" Lang Xinyue roared.

However, she soon froze.

She was already a monarch-god level spirit cultivator. The one who could launch a sneak attack on her… must be stronger than her!

Yun Luofeng turned his eyes to Yun Xiao. Looking at her smiling face, Yun Xiao couldn't help avoiding her eyes.

"I didn't get my hands dirty… "

He thought that Yun Luofeng didn't want him to interfere because she was afraid that he might get his hands dirty. Yun Xiao felt more and more nervous when he saw Yun Luofeng keep smiling and not saying a word. "And I didn't touch her."

"Then why did she kneel?"

Yun Luofeng asked, raising her eyebrows.

In an instant, all eyes had turned to Yun Xiao and stared at him with shock. Was he the one who sneak attacked Lang Xinyue?

Hearing Yun Luofeng's words, Yun Xiao answered honestly, "I just moved my feet a little."

Yeah, he used his feet! He just kicked a stone with his foot and hit Lang Xinyue's acupoint. He didn't move his hand from beginning to end.

"It was you?"

Lang Xinyue was almost mad with anger when she found the one who sneak-attacked her was Yun Xiao. She didn't forget that he also killed Leader…

So she rushed towards Yun Luofeng like crazy, and the sword in her hand was shining with a chilly glint.

Yun Xiao frowned slightly. A powerful aura surged out of his body and turned the whole world dim.

"Get lost!"


With that, a powerful wave of light seemed to gather in front of him, and struck Lang Xinyue hard on the chest, sending her flying. Under the sky, the man was standing still, with both hands clasped on his back and his black eyes were filled with killing intent.

If Yun Luofeng hadn't said that she wanted to avenge his mother-in-law herself, he would have killed her!

Lang Xinyue fell to the ground and blood was pouring out from her mouth. Her eyes were wide open and full of disbelief.

"Are you also a monarch-god level spirit cultivator? No! It's impossible. I remember you were still a reverent-god level spirit cultivator half a month ago!"

Why had he become a monarch-god level spirit cultivator only half a month later?

Bai Ling also looked at Yun Xiao curiously, "How could you break through within half a month?"

This bland remark magically made Yun Xiao blush.

How should he tell his mother-in-law that he managed to reach the monarch-god level because he had dual cultivation with Yun Luofeng in the last half a month?

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