Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2018 - Death of Lang Xinyue (4)

Chapter 2018: Death of Lang Xinyue (4)

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Then if another strong master attacked her, she would be unable to respond.

Lang Xinyue quickly withdrew her attack and turned to deal with the sword in the sky.


As a loud noise came from the sky, the whole sky was shaken by a light wave. Being hit by the power, Bai Ling retreated rapidly.

"Yun Yueqing, you are crazy!" Lang Xinyue was very angry and glared at Bai Ling fiercely.

Bai Ling sneered, "I've told you I don't care about my life! So I can sacrifice my life and fight you to the death! But you cherish your life so much. No, to be exact, you don't even want to be injured. Then how can you defeat me?"

Lang Xinyue's eyes turned dark.

She was not afraid of being injured but was afraid of the cold man who killed Leader…

If she was at the peak of her strength, she might be able to defeat him, but if she was injured, she couldn't defeat him. Therefore, she dared not be injured at all. Only in this way could she defeat that man when he came!

"Lang Xinyue, you are always so cowardly, bullying the weak and fearing the strong!"

Obviously, Bai Ling's words touched a sore spot for Lang Xinyue and she got angry, "Yun Yueqing, if you don't shut up, I'll tear up your mouth!"

"What? You're afraid of my words?" Bai Ling had come to the front of Lang Xinyue. "When I came to the Freedom Union, I was much weaker than you, but I managed to surpass you in a short time, which proves that you were always far behind me."

Lang Xinyue almost exploded with anger. Anger welled up within him but she tried to keep calm and said with a sneer, "Yun Yueqing, don't try to irritate me. I won't be tricked by you!"

She realized that Bai Ling was trying to irritate her so that she would fight her with all her might. However, even if she killed the woman, what would she get?

Bai Ling scowled. She didn't expect this woman saw through her mind! She did want to irritate her…

But she didn't expect Lang Xinyue found out about her intention!

"I know the man who killed Leader is also here. You're trying to anger and injure me when I fight you, so that man can easily kill me, right?" Lang Xinyue thought she was so smart that nothing could escape her eyes.

"It seems that the man is very afraid of me, or else he wouldn't hide and let you come out and fight me! You dare to challenge me just because I just broke through to the monarch-god level, and haven't consolidated the breakthrough! In just a few more days, even if you're added together, you'll be no match for me!"

Lang Xinyue confidently thought that Yun Xiao must be so afraid of her that he hid. She firmly believed that Bai Ling wouldn't dare come to challenge her without someone behind her.

"So, I'll let you off today. There will be ample time for me to settle accounts with you!"

With that, Lang Xinyue turned, jumped into the sky and rushed towards the city gate.


Lang Xinyue walked only several steps before she was stopped by two people.

It was a good-looking couple. They were as beautiful as celestial beings in a picture. However…

Lang Xinyue could easily feel the pressing power released by them.

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