Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2017 - Death of Lang Xinyue (3)

Chapter 2017: Death of Lang Xinyue (3)

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“You killed Elder Xi. I’ll avenge him today!”

Lang Xinyue looked at Bai Ling up and down and gave her a smile of contempt. “Your poison doesn’t seem to be completely cleared. You just lied to me that day! Besides, even if your poison has been cleared, you’re no match for me.”

“Indeed, I am no match for you now, but I dare to fight you with my life! Do you dare to fight a person who doesn’t even care about her life?”

Bai Ling’s face was cold and solemn. With a flick of her hand, a long sword appeared in her hand.

Yun Luofeng was coming soon…

She must solve Lang Xinyue before Yun Luofeng came here. Because she couldn’t… put her daughter in danger. Even if she would lose her life for this, she had to make sure she was safe!


Lang Xinyue chuckled, “If you want to die, I can help you!

Outside Union City.

The three-kingdom allied forces had reached the city gate.

Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng led the army. One of them was dressed in white, while the other was dressed in black. They were a perfect match for each other.


As Yun Luofeng said this, the three-kingdom allied forces broke through the gate and rushed into the city.

The members of the Freedom Union didn’t know what happened on the other side, so they just followed Lang Xinyue’s order and launched attacks on these intruders.

At the gate, blood flowed like a stream and the field was littered with corpses.

Yun Luofeng stood in the midst of the corpses as if standing at the peak of the continent. With a powerful aura, she looked so formidable.

No matter how strong the Union City’s army was, they couldn’t resist the attack of the three kingdoms. Soon they were completely routed and quickly dispersed by the three-kingdom allied forces.

“Ignore them. Let’s go!”

Yun Luofeng frowned. Perhaps thinking of Bai Ling who was in the city right now, she couldn’t help quickening her pace.

The Headquarters of the Freedom Union.

In the yard, Lang Xinyue struck Bai Ling on the chest and made her back up a few steps.

She felt a lump in her throat and spat out a mouthful of blood. Bai Ling wiped the blood on the lower corner of her mouth and rushed towards Lang Xinyue again.

There was no suspense about the result of the battle!

The poison in Bai Ling’s body hadn’t been fully cleared. Besides, Lang Xinyue already reached the monarch-god level, so Bai Ling was no match for Lang Xinyue and Lang Xinyue’s attack caused serious injuries to her body.


Soon the old men found that instead of evading Lang Xinyue’s attack, Bai Ling put all her power on the attack. It seemed that… she didn’t care about her life.

She was trying to injure Lang Xinyue even at the expense of her own life!

Noticing that, the elders all felt guilty. If they hadn’t been so credulous of Lang Xinyue, how could such a thing happen? If Bai Ling died, how could they explain to the old leader after they died?!

“Yun Yueqing, you are no match for me”

As Lang Xinyue turned over her hand, a sword shot into the sky. Its chilly glint was shining in the sky and made people tremble.

Bai Ling would be seriously injured or even killed if she was hit by the sword. However, she had no intention of dodging the attack. At the same time, her long sword floated into the sky and chopped at Lang Xinyue fiercely.

If Lang Xinyue continued to attack her, she would also be injured. Even if she had broken through to the monarch god level, her breakthrough hadn’t been consolidated, so she would also be injured even if this sword hit Bai Ling.

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