Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2016 - Death of Lang Xinyue (2)

Chapter 2016: Death of Lang Xinyue (2)

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“I took your strength because I have to avenge him!” Lang Xinyue’s eyes flickered with killing intent and she walked slowly towards Bai Ling. “Yun Yueqing, why didn’t you like Leader? Why did you hurt him like that? As far as I can see, you were not worthy of Leader’s love, but you were dismissive of his love!”

Every step she went forward, the air turned more depressing. Slightly raising her chin, she looked so haughty and cold.

However, under this suffocating pressing power, Bai Ling didn’t even bat her eyelids, her snow-white robe fluttering in the breeze.

Lang Xinyue was very jealous of her. Since Bai Ling came to the Freedom Union, her position in the Freedom Union was threatened. The young talents who used to surround her all went to Bai Ling. So she secretly vowed that she would defeat this woman one day!

Now, at last, she had achieved her goal!

Imagining how she would trample Bai Ling under her feet, she laughed louder and her slightly raised eyes were full of disdain.

“Stop it!”

Seeing Lang Xinyue walk up to Bai Ling, those elders who were still in grief finally moved. They rushed towards her angrily.

A ferocious gleam flickered across Lang Xinyue’s eyes. She returned them with a powerful punch. The old man closest to her was immediately struck away and a bloody hole appeared in his body. Everyone else around her was also affected and swept out.

These old men used to be reverent god-level spirit cultivators and were greatly respected, but now they were only ordinary people.

How could they resist the attack of Lang Xinyue?

A single breath of Lang Xinyue would crush them!

“Elder Xi!”

Bai Ling’s face suddenly changed. As her white figure flashed, she had reached the front of the old men who fell to the ground.

“Elder Xi, are you alright?”

Hearing her voice, Elder Xi looked up at the familiar face with difficulty and shouted with all his strength, “Run!” Then he gradually closed his eyes, and his hand slid from Bai Ling’s onto the ground as he died.

These old men believed Lang Xinyue’s words because of their ignorance.

But now…

He lost his life protecting her!

Bai Ling couldn’t hate them at this moment, no matter how many mistakes they had made. Her heart was filled with grief and helplessness! The other elders were also hurt, but they were better than Elder Xi. At least they were still alive.

“Lang Xinyue, we trusted you so much and even passed on our strength to you to avenge Leader. But now I know how stupid I was. I harmed Yueqing and the whole Freedom Union!”

A white-haired old man stood up with difficulty and said resolutely, “Today, I’ll make up for the mistakes we made! Yueqing, leave the Freedom Union now! Run away from here as far as you can! It’s our Freedom Union that hurt you, and now it’s time for us to make amends!”

Bai Ling slowly put Elder Xi’s body on the ground, and gradually stood up. Her long black hair was fluttering in the wind, her white robe was as pure as snow. She coldly stared at Lang Xinyue, releasing a murderous aura.

“I am here today to get revenge on Lang Xinyue. How can I leave so easily?”

“Yueqing!” The white-haired old man turned pale and looked worried.

As if not seeing his look, Bai Ling continued walking toward Lang Xinyue.

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