Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2015 - Death of Lang Xinyue (1)

Chapter 2015: Death of Lang Xinyue (1)

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Lang Xinyue’s face immediately turned green. She didn’t expect that the seal had such a secret. It hid the will of Master?

In fact, Bai Ling accidentally discovered it some time ago. Otherwise, she would have returned to the Freedom Union with the seal earlier. Unfortunately, she found it too late, so Lang Xinyue and Ou Lei were able to rule over the Freedom Union for so many days…

Gnashing her teeth, Lang Xinyue stared at Bai Ling with a murderous look and said, “Elders, do you really believe Bai Ling’s words? Maybe it was fabricated by her. I’ve never heard that a will can be saved in a seal.”

Hearing her words, several old men said hesitantly, “I remember that when the old leader made this seal, he told us that his will would be stored in it, so I believe this will is true.”

“As the seal was lost, the will was also missing, but we didn’t expect…”

They didn’t expect the situation reversed so quickly.

Lang Xinyue’s eyes suddenly lit up with a ferocious gleam and she said grimly, “This will doesn’t mean anything. Master must have been coerced by her! You’d rather believe this woman than Leader and me?!” She raised a hand and pointed at Bai Ling.

Lang Xinyue wanted more than just the death of Bai Ling. She wanted to ruin her reputation as well!

Only in this way could she get her revenge!

The elders suddenly fell silent and glared at Lang Xinyue, their faces filled with astonishment and anger.

Lang Xinyue didn’t know what she said to make these old men look at her with such looks.

“Miss Lang, you said the old leader was coerced by her? Then do you think the old leader was the kind of person who could be easily coerced?”

“You just said that Leader and you saw Yun Yueqing looking for the old leader’s seal. Since she could coerce the old leader to leave a will in the seal, why should she still look for it?”

“Besides, if she had known about the will, she wouldn’t have stayed outside for so many years. Maybe she would have already returned to the Freedom Union. So I think Yun Yueqing discovered the will not long ago!”

The elders all looked grieved and indignant. At this moment, they knew that they had been beguiled by Lang Xinyue!

Lang Xinyue’s face changed a little, but soon she calmed down. With a sneer, she looked at the elders contemptuously.

“Yes, I did make this up. So what? Don’t you think you found out about it too late? Haha!”

Lang Xinyue suddenly guffawed. Under her wild laughter, the sky changed color and a fierce gale sprang up…

Yes! Even though they found out the truth, it was too late…

Now Lang Xinyue had become the most powerful person on the Fengyun Continent. No one would be able to defeat her!

“Lang Xinyue, you are so despicable!” An old man pointed at Lang Xinyue angrily, “How dare you take advantage of us!”

Lang Xinyue stopped laughing and said with a cold smile, “That’s because you are too stupid. You believed me just because of a few words of mine! But one thing I said is true – My senior brother Ou Lei was killed by Bai Ling’s men!”

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