Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2013 - Conspiracy Exposed (1)

Chapter 2013: Conspiracy Exposed (1)

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At that moment, everyone's eyes rested on the two and their eyes were full of shock and fear.

Yun Luofeng just headed for the direction of the Freedom Union City as if she didn't hear Yun Xiao's words. Every time she thought how her mother was mistreated in the Freedom Union City, she wanted to kill…

Right now, in the Freedom Union City.

Bai Ling, in a snow-white robe, walked slowly into the city. She slightly raised her head and looked at the Freedom Union City where she had lived for more than ten years, and her thoughts drifted away into a trance…

Just then, a group of people perceived the Bai Ling's approach and immediately landed from the sky. Countless long swords were placed on her neck.

"Yun Yueqing, how can you still have the nerve to come back? The Freedom Union saved you, but you killed Leader. Let's take revenge for him now!"

Bai Ling frowned and coldly looked around at those people. Then she opened her mouth and said word by word, "I came here for Lang Xinyue. Tell her to come out!"

One of the people responded to Bai Ling with a sneer, "Miss Lang is right. You killed Leader and many strong masters of the Freedom Union. Now you came to kill the only survivor, Miss Lang? Bai Ling, you are really an ungrateful b*tch!"

Not bothering to waste time with these people, Bai Ling made a move, passed through the layer of swords, and flew to the sky with a swish.

"Lang Xinyue, come out!"

Her cold voice came from the sky and resounded in the air.

At this point, however, not far away from here, heavenly lightning suddenly rumbled and hit against a house.

Bai Ling squinted slightly and held her breath.

"Monarch-god level spirit cultivator!"

At this time, someone was breaking through to the monarch-god level?

Was it…

Thinking of the possibility, Bai Ling sped toward the point where the heavenly lightning hit.

The heavenly lightning was very fierce and kept coming down. Under the heavenly lightning, a house was smashed into ruins. A woman sitting cross-legged in the house leaped into the eyes of Bai Ling.

The heavenly lightning ceased.

Lang Xinyue glared with her eyes wide. She felt her body filled with power. Looking at Bai Ling standing not far away, she gave a contemptuous smile.

"Yun Yueqing, it doesn't seem like you expected this, right?"

She rose slowly from the ground, her chin high, her face proud.

Around her, a group of old men also sat cross-legged. At this time, their faces were pale and they were all in a cold sweat. When they saw this unexpected guest, their eyes were filled with anger.

"Yun Yueqing, how dare you come back!"

"You were disrespectful to the old leader and tried to steal the seal when the old leader's remains were scarcely cold. Then you killed Leader because he found out your secret! How can you have such a heart?"

"Even a devil wouldn't be as evil as you! Fortunately, Miss Lang has broken through to the monarch-god level! You can never hurt our Freedom Union."

Bai Ling stared at Lang Xinyue and listened to the words of these old men. She didn't expect Lang Xinyue would shamelessly slander her like this behind her…

"It turns out Lang Xinyue and Ou Lei explained it to you in this way." Having great feelings for the Freedom Union, Bai Ling didn't want these people to be taken advantage of by Lang Xinyue.


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