Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2011 - The Eve of War (5)

Chapter 2011: The Eve of War (5)

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“Do you think killing this woman will make Yun Yueqing regret? You are wrong. Yun Yueqing is a person who has no human affection. Otherwise, she would not be so cruel to Leader! There’s another reason I captured this woman, which is that this woman has a pure Yin constitution!”

Pure Yin constitution!

Everyone suddenly breathed faster, and some people’s eyes lit up when they looked at Lian Yuesheng.

“So this woman is yours now. With her in our hands, I believe that the strength of the Freedom Union will be improved rapidly!” Lang Xinyue pushed Lian Yuesheng to the front, slightly raised her chin and gave a grim smile.

Under the lascivious stares, Lian Yuesheng trembled all over with anger. Her clear cold eyes were filled with unquenchable anger and she resentfully glared at these people.

“Throw her into the Medicine Cave, and in half a month you’ll be able to improve your strength with her body!”

If anyone wanted to improve his strength by making love to a woman of pure Yin constitution, he had to temper her body with medicine first…

However, everyone would tremble with fear at the sight of the Medicine Cave!

The cloth in Lian Yuesheng’s mouth suddenly loosened and she spat it out. “Lang Xinyue!” She raised her clear eyes and coldly stared at the expressionless Lang Xinyue.

“I’d rather die than let you get what you want!”

Lang Xinyue sneered contemptuously, “Do you think you can decide your fate? As long as you are put into the Medicine Cave, you’ll beg for death. At that time, let alone committing suicide, you won’t even be able to move your finger. Guards, take her away!”

She could only blame herself for having a pure Yin constitution! With such a constitution, not to mention men, even she, a woman, would be tempted by her.

Watching Lian Yuesheng taken away, Lang Xinyue looked at the crowd and said, “Let’s start.”

In fact, the Freedom Union had more reverent god-level spirit cultivators than the Jinyang Kingdom, but the old leader only wanted a peaceful life and didn’t want to start a fight, so the Fengyun Continent used to be peaceful.

Of course, the reverent-god level spirit cultivators that the leader brought with him were created by him with a secret technique that was unknown to the rest members of the Freedom Union. So, there were only ten reverent-god level spirit cultivators left in the Freedom Union. However, the power of these reverent-god level spirit cultivators was enough for her to break through to the monarch god-level…

Outside the Freedom Union City

Qi Ling had already been waiting here with a lot of strong masters. After a long time, he finally saw Qi Su and other people of the Ziyue Kingdom and the Tianqi Kingdom come.

As for the Jinyang Kingdom…

Having defected to the Freedom Union, they had no face to appear in front of other countries’ people.

“Second Prince.”

Qi Su saw Qi Ling at first sight and walked slowly by.

Qi Ling nodded to him, “You’ve come?”

“Yes,” Qi Su smiled faintly, “and I have informed Miss Yun and she will come here soon.”

Qi Ling was very polite to Qi Su.

After all, Qi Su was Yun Luofeng’s subordinate, and it was because of Yun Luofeng that he had acquired today’s status. More importantly, he had always appreciated Qi Su…

However, he wasn’t that friendly to Yi Lin, the general of the Ziyue Kingdom. He just glanced at him coldly and said in a cold voice, “You are late.”

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