Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2010 - The Eve of War (4)

Chapter 2010: The Eve of War (4)

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"As long as all you reverent-god level spirit cultivators transmit your strength to me, I'll absorb your strength with the method recorded in that secret book and soon I'll reach the monarch-god level. At that time, no one on the Fengyun Continent can rival me!" Lang Xinyue said loudly with great seriousness.

In fact, this method also had a backlash.

Even if she could reach the monarch god level with the help of these people, every night of a full moon she would endure unbearable pain. This was why the leader didn't use it, though he had long ago known this method. But now, to take revenge, she couldn't care that much. As long as Yun Yueqing could die, she was willing to sacrifice anything!

Again the crowd was silent.

After all, humans were selfish by nature. How could they be willing to give out their strength just to help Lang Xinyue make a breakthrough?

"I know what you're thinking, but think about it. My Master was good to you and the current leader, my senior brother, also treated you very well. Don't you want to avenge him? You can rest assured. If you give out your strength for me and for the whole Freedom Union, I will definitely repay you fairly!"

"In the future, the Freedom Union will be the first to stand up for you no matter what happens to you. No matter who your enemy is, the Freedom Union will solve them for you. I will also feed and clothe you forever. At that time, the Freedom Union will be the real ruler of the Fengyun Continent, and you will no longer have to fear anyone."

A tremor went through the heart of everyone.

Yes, if the Freedom Union became the ruler of the Fengyun Continent, who would dare to show them any disrespect?

"Miss Lang, I hope you can honor your promise. The Freedom Union will never abandon us. If you are willing to do so, then we will contribute our strength!"

"Okay, I can swear to god that as long as you are willing to contribute your strength, I will never abandon you provided that you don't do anything to hurt me in the future."

Lang Xinyue's eyes were grim.

Provided that they didn't betray her, otherwise, she wouldn't forgive them!

Hearing Lang Xinyue swear to god, the crowd felt relieved and walked slowly towards her.

"Wait a minute."

Just as several reverent-god level spirit cultivators walked up to Lang Xinyue, she suddenly stopped them. "I have something else to announce."

"What is it?"

When someone asked this question, Lang Xinyue raised her hand and ordered guards to carry Lian Yuesheng here. Two guards walked over, threw Lian Yuesheng rudely on the ground, and stepped aside.

Lian Yuesheng was gagged and couldn't speak. Her cold clear eyes were full of anger and she stared at Lang Xinyue coldly.

Not looking at her, Lang Xinyue sneered, "This woman is an accomplice of Yun Yueqing and I captured her when I was escaping."

No member of the Freedom Union had seen Princess Jinyang, so they didn't know her identity. Even if someone knew this was Princess Jinyang, it didn't matter. As long as she said this woman had something to do with Yun Yueqing, they would believe her.

"An accomplice of Yun Yueqing? Then this woman must die!"

"Miss Lang, I suggest killing this woman! Let Yun Yueqing regret!"

Those people impulsively rushed forward and were going to tear Lian Yuesheng to pieces, but Lang Xinyue stopped them again at this critical moment

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