Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2009 - The Eve of War (3)

Chapter 2009: The Eve of War (3)

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Lang Xinyue looked around at the crowd, and her eyes turned even darker, "Leader was always filial to Master. When he heard this, he rushed out to question Yun Yueqing, but she tried to seduce him to conceal this matter!"

Few people in the Freedom Union knew that the leader loved Yun Yueqing, so no one doubted it when she said this. Indeed, compared with Yun Yueqing who joined them later, they'd rather believe Lang Xinyue who grew up in the Freedom Union. Only a few elderly people didn't believe that Yun Yueqing was such an ingrate…

"Leader was so angry that he injured Yun Yueqing, but he didn't injure her seriously because she was his junior sister. However, Yun Yueqing took the chance and escaped. Until recently, the leader received a letter from her… "

"Yun Yueqing claimed that she wanted to reconcile with Leader and she knew she was wrong. Leader forgave her and took a group of people to find her, intending to bring her back."

"No one expected that Yun Yueqing would cooperate with outsiders and murdered Leader. Among the people Leader brought with him, I was the only one who survived… "

At the end, Lang Xinyue couldn't help but cover her face and cry. She described the scene so vividly that no one could find any problem from her words.

"How dare Yun Yueqing do this? She tramped the streets and lost all her memories. It was the old leader who saved her and gave her a comfortable life and great strength. And she repaid us with this?"

"Poor old leader. He treated her as his daughter. How could she be so ungrateful?"

"She went too far! Too far! Miss Lang, tell us where Yun Yueqing is. Let's avenge Leader!"

Everyone was indignant. If Yun Yueqing was in front of them, they would definitely tear her into pieces.

Of course, there was still someone sane among the crowd. An old man frowned and asked, "Miss Lang, are you telling the truth? I don't think Yun Yueqing is the kind of person who would do such a thing."

"Elder Qin, Cats hide their claws. How do you know what kind of a person Yun Yueqing really is? We watched Miss Lang grow up and she never lied. In my opinion, Yun Yueqing is a greedy wicked monster who wants to seize the Freedom Union!"

"Exactly. Miss Lang, tell us where Yun Yueqing is, and you don't need to care about your friendship again. This woman is not worthy of being a member of our Freedom Union!"

Looking at the indignant people, Lang Xinyue remained calm. She raised her hand, and in an instant, the whole crowd quieted down and listened to her.

"Everyone, since Yun Yueqing's accomplices could defeat Leader, it's like courting death if we just go to find her like this."

Everyone kept silent, waiting for Lang Xinyue's next words.

Then, under the public's stare, Lang Xinyue continued, "However, Master gave me a secret book that recorded how to quickly break through to the monarch god level! If I reach the monarch god level, how will I be afraid of those people?"

The monarch god level…

These words had touched the chord in everyone's heart, making them gape and filling their hearts with tension.

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