Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2008 - The Eve of War (2)

Chapter 2008: The Eve of War (2)

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Then I… must avenge the leader!

No matter you or anyone else who helped you must die.

The Freedom Union was not a small tribe but a huge city. The headquarters of The Freedom Union was located in the central and busiest part of the city. At this moment, receiving the message from Lang Xinyue, all members of the Freedom Union rushed from all directions and gathered in the square at the gate of the Freedom Union.

“Miss Lang, why did you call us here in such a rush?” an old man in the crowd asked with doubt.

Lang Xinyue looked at the people below, and her eyes were full of grief, “I’m here to inform you that—Leader… has died.”


Leader was dead?

Everyone widened their eyes with shock, and some old people were trembling. The former leader just died a few years ago, and now the current leader was also dead?

Was… the Freedom Union cursed?

“Miss Lang, tell us what happened. How did the leader die?” the old man asked hastily. Short of breath, he looked anxious.

Lang Xinyue slightly lowered her eyes. “I’m to blame. I didn’t protect Leader well… ”

She slowly raised her eyes, and everyone saw her sad eyes and they didn’t have the heart to blame this innocent girl. Even though the leader was killed, that just showed how strong his killer was. Lang Xinyue must have escaped from the disaster by a fluke. How could they blame her?

“Miss Lang, you don’t have to blame yourself. Tell us who murdered Leader and we will avenge him.”

Lang Xinyue’s eyelashes quivered slightly, “In fact, you all know the person who killed the leader. It was… Yun Yueqing!”


This name hit the hearts of these people like a heavy stone.

Those old people who followed the former Leader for many years were surprised and cried out loud, “It is impossible. How could it be Yun Yueqing? She is the former leader’s disciple and the current Leader’s junior sister. How could she do such a thing?”

Lang Xinyue’s eyes were shining with tears and grief.

“She has a secret. Leader didn’t want me to tell you because of the affection he had for her! But now Leader died in the hands of that b*tch. How can I still conceal it for her?”

Looking at Lang Xinyue’s resentful face, everyone was stunned. What happened between the leader and Yun Yueqing?

“Do you know why Yun Yueqing didn’t come back to the Freedom Union over the years?” Lang Xinyue clenched her fists. “That’s because, just before Master’s death, she came back and did something that was discovered by Leader!”

“On that day, not long after Master’s death, Leader found Yun Yueqing rummaging in Master’s room, looking for something and cursing Master as ‘Old B*stard’. I was also there and heard clearly what she was looking for was a seal…”


Everyone’s heart sank. After the death of the former leader, the seal disappeared. Nobody could find it. Did Yun Yueqing take it away?

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