Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2007 - The Eve of War (1)

Chapter 2007: The Eve of War (1)

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The corner of Yun Luofeng’s eyes twitched.

Kill him?

This was Yun Xiao’s style indeed.

“It’s getting late. Let’s go.”

Yun Luofeng lazily stretched herself, looked back at the cabin and then walked towards the outside of the back mountain.

They didn’t know that when they left the back mountain, the small cabin suddenly collapsed.

The Freedom Union.

In a dark and damp woodshed, Princess Jinyang, Lian Yuesheng stood quietly in front of the window. Her robe was fluttering beautifully in the wind. Standing upright, she looked so proud and aloof.

She was not willing to act lowly even under such circumstances.


The door was pushed open. Lian Yuesheng turned around only to see Lang Xinyue walking in. She asked coldly, “Why did you come here?”

Lang Xinyue laughed, and her face was full of jealousy and hatred. “Princess Jinyang, do you know why the leader wanted you to become his woman?”

“How should I know?” Lian Yuesheng smiled contemptuously, “Besides, your Freedom Union doesn’t seem to be free. Instead, you’re just as arbitrary as our imperial families of the four kingdoms. He didn’t need a reason to do things.”

Lang Xinyue couldn’t help but clenched her fists, and a cold gleam flashed through her eyes. “You are wrong. The leader is not the kind of person you imagine. In his life, he has only had one woman, that’s me! You are only the second one, and his true love was Yun Yueqing, but that woman let him down!”

Even though she had slept with the leader and became his concubine, she still couldn’t get his heart, while Yun Yueqing, who stole his heart, was so dismissive of him.

How could she not be angry?

“The leader wanted you to be his woman because you have a pure Yin constitution!”

Hearing the ‘pure Yin constitution’, Lian Yuesheng, who looked indifferent, suddenly turned pale and her pupils constricted.

“Pure Yin constitution! Men can boost their strength by making love to you! Do you think the leader would allow other men to get you?” Lang Xinyue walked towards Lian Yuesheng with a sneer, “Unfortunately, the leader died, died in the hand of the Ghost Emperor Yun Xiao… ”

Lian Yuesheng was stunned. The leader of the Freedom Union died? Then why did Lang Xinyue still capture her?

“Why did you bring me here since he is dead?” Lian Yuesheng was puzzled and asked.

Lang Xinyue’s eyes suddenly shone with resentment, “Since the leader was killed, I’ll certainly avenge him! I brought you here so that the male members of the Freedom Union can enjoy your body. With you here, the strength of the Freedom Union will be improved a lot in a short time. This is your role!”

Lian Yuesheng stiffened and she took a deep breath, “I won’t let you get away with it!”

“It’s not up to you!

Lang Xinyue flicked her sleeves hard and coldly glanced at Lian Yuesheng. “Guards, take Princess Jinyang away and call all the members in!”

With that, Lang Xinyue ordered her men to take Lian Yuesheng away with her and turned to walk outside the woodshed.

Yun Yueqing!

The leader loved you so much, but you trampled on his sincere heart and even helped outsiders murder him.


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