Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2005 - Kill Him (1)

Chapter 2005: Kill Him (1)

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At that moment, his footstep suddenly stopped, because the young man’s clear voice rang behind him, “If I become a woman in the next life, will you marry me as your wife?”

Jue Qian, if I am a woman and you are a man in the next life, will you marry me?

Vaguely, a familiar voice sounded in Feng Jin’s mind, which was distant but seemed to be close at hand…

His fated mate was a man?

Feng Jin smiled and shook his head. There must be something wrong. His sexual orientation was normal. He liked women, not men. How could his mate be a man?

However, hearing his question, Feng Jin answered, “If you are really a woman in the next life, I’ll marry you.”

Then, he slowly walked into the crowd and disappeared from the bustling street…

Mo Qiancheng looked at the back of the man in disappointment and pursed his pink good-shaped lips, “He is not Jue Qian. If Jue Qian had heard this, he would disdain to answer me.”

“After all, how could Jue Qian, such an arrogant person, answer such a childish question? Besides, the Jue Qian in my memory couldn’t be so gentle… He always stood high above the world, trampling all sentient beings under his feet.”

If Jue Qian was as gentle as this man, maybe… it wouldn’t have been so painful back then!

At least, the man wouldn’t act like Jue Qian who never spoke to him after he confessed his love to him….

Mo Qiancheng lowered his eyes to conceal the sadness and pain in his eyes. He took a final glance at the direction where Feng Jin disappeared and left in the opposite direction…

Fengyun City.

Inside the cabin, a man and a woman were making love passionately. Yun Luofeng, soaked with sweat, pressed her body tightly against the body of the man above her. They could hear each other’s pant.

“I think we can make it this time. I hope I get pregnant this time.”

Yun Luofeng panted. Even though she had reached the reverent god level, she still couldn’t stand Yun Xiao’s enthusiasm.

Fortunately, she could improve her strength by having dual cultivation with Yun Xiao, so she wasn’t as weak as when she just reached the reverent god level.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t get pregnant,” Yun Xiao said as he bent his head and kissed the woman’s lips, “All I need is you.”

Just as Yun Xiao was about to try again, Yun Luofeng slapped him and pushed him aside.

“We’ve been here for half a month. It’s enough. I think Qi Su and Qi Ling are almost ready. I’m going to go back and talk with them about the Freedom Union.”

Yun Xiao frowned, “If you want to deal with the Freedom Union, I can wipe it out for you. Don’t worry about it.”

More importantly, he didn’t want his happy sex life to be interrupted by the Freedom Union.

Yun Luofeng said to Yun Xiao seriously, “No, I’ll leave this matter to Qi Su and Qi Ling. We shall not intervene unless they can’t handle it.”

“Okay, that’s up to you.”

Yun Xiao didn’t ask why. He believed in Yun Luofeng. Whatever Yun Luofeng was going to do, she must have a reason, so he… just needed to support her as always.

“Why don’t you ask me why?” Yun Luofeng asked, blinking.

Yun Xiao bent his head and bit her lips again, “Do you remember what I said to you before?”


“You kill, I bury! So whatever you want to do, I’ll clean up the mess for you.”


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