Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2004 - Kill Her (4)

Chapter 2004: Kill Her (4)

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So almost everyone in the Tianqi Kingdom hated him…

If he were to be paraded in the streets and treated at the mercy of the crowd, he would probably be killed.

"It's too late to regret!" Qi Ling waved his hand coldly, "Take him away. Let him try his luck… "

Of course, Qi Yu's body had been hollowed out by wine and sex, so his chance of survival was equal to none!

Then, while Qi Yu was shrilly howling, Qi Ling strode out of the study. A gust of fresh air greeted him and refreshed him. At this time, he thought of the State Preceptor who helped him. He was going to turn around and thank State Preceptor only to find the State Preceptor, who was just standing in the study, had disappeared.

On the street.

A man in a snow-white robe was walking. He seemed to be in a trance and he didn't know why he would come to this street. He just felt that… there was a man who he was fated to meet was waiting for him here.

The man was pondering with a frown and didn't see the road ahead, so he bumped into a young man who was also absent-minded.

The young man frowned and angrily looked up at him only to see a handsome face…

It was not the handsomeness of the man that attracted his attention, but… that there was a familiar aura in this man that was so similar to Jue Qian's.

The young man was stunned, and when he was thinking, the man's gentle voice rang.

"Are you all right?

The man's voice was tender and melodious, which broke his reverie.

He was not Jue Qian!

Jue Qian was so unruly and domineering, while the man in front of him was too gentle. How could such a gentle person be that blood-thirsty and hard-hearted Jue Qian?

"Nothing." Mo Qiancheng shook his head and slightly lowered his eyes.

Hadn't he already found Jue Qian? Why did the man in front of him remind him of Jue Qian?

"That's good."

The man smiled, and his smile, like a spring breeze, passed through his face.

"What… what's his name?" Mo Qiancheng bit his lips and asked shyly.

"Feng Jin."

Feng Jin?

The name suddenly reminded Mo Qiancheng of a poem…

You were looking at the view from a distance, while I was looking at you close to you.

"Your family name is very special. By the way, my name is Mo Qiancheng!" A cute smile appeared on his face, and his curved eyes looked so attractive.

Feng Jin smiled and softly rubbed his head with his big hand, "Mo Qiancheng, I remember you. But I have to leave because I have something to attend to. If we're lucky, we will meet again."

"Something? What is it?" asked Mo Qiancheng, somewhat disappointed.

"I'm going to find the person I'm destined to meet…"

God granted him no talent for cultivation but gifted him special eyes and wisdom. However, while he could see the fate of others, he couldn't see his own…

For example, he could see that the young man in front of him was doomed to lose his true love and be tortured by unrequited love for his lifetime. When he thought of this, a touch of pity appeared in his eyes. Why did such a handsome young man have such a miserable fate? His heart ached for him.

"Mo Qiancheng, see you soon."

Feng Jin waved his hand, turned around and walked forward smartly.


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