Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2003 - Kill Her (3)

Chapter 2003: Kill Her (3)

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In this life, what he hated most was betrayal. Although Noble Consort Lin didn't actually sleep with another man, she wanted to, so she must die!

Qi Ling didn't even look at the Emperor. His eyes gradually turned to Qi Yu.

His chilly stare made Qi Yu quiver and plop down on his knees.

After all, Qi Yu was the Emperor's son. He couldn't just sit by and watch him die, so he said, "Ling'er, Yu 'er is your brother. And he has done nothing wrong, so just forgive him."

Qi Ling cast a cold glance at the Emperor, "Who allowed you to speak?"

The Emperor's face turned green in embarrassment, "What do you mean? I'm your father!"

"Could Noble Consort mobilize those elders without your permission?" Qi Ling smiled grimly, "Don't you know you're in trouble? How can you still have the time to intercede for someone else?"

The Emperor's lips quivered and his face contorted.

Obviously, he was irritated by his words.

He took a deep breath and suppressed the rage in his heart, "Ling'er, I'm your father. You have to respect me! Now I order you to release your brother. Dare you not obey me?"

"If my father treats me as his son, then I'll respect him. If he doesn't, why should I be filial to him?"

With that, Qi Ling walked towards Qi Yu without even looking at the Emperor.

The Emperor got angry, "Qi Ling, stop! You've become the leader of the four kingdoms, so you think you can treat me like this? But don't forget I'm your father! You have to obey me!"

Qi Ling paused, and his voice was very cold, "Guards, take him away. No one shall enter his room without my permission!"

The Emperor's fate was thus decided.

He would be locked up in his room and never be able to leave there!

The Emperor sneered. After all, the Tianqi Kingdom was still his. Would the Tianqi Kingdom people take orders from Qi Ling instead of him?


While the Emperor was complacent, the ministers and guards had already taken action. Before Qi Ling gave an order, they had grabbed the Emperor's arms and pushed him out.

"What are you doing? I am the Emperor. Stop, all of you!" the Emperor panicked and shouted out at once.

Unfortunately, the ministers had already become tired of his fatuous ways, and didn't stop…

Qi Ling had gained the support of the general public, and it was he who made the Tianqi Kingdom the number one of the four kingdoms! Other countries had to take orders from them…

With such achievements, the two reverent god-level spirit cultivators didn't have any opinions, so the fate of this dog emperor was already foreseeable…

"Se… Second Elder Brother… "

Qi Yu swallowed hard and gave a fawning smile, "I was too ignorant. I'm sorry for what I did to you. Please forgive me for the sake of our brotherhood."

"Unlike your mother, you don't deserve to die, but during these years, you defied laws and committed numerous offenses!" Qi Ling's voice was cold, "So I'll have you paraded through the streets and let the public decide your fate."

Qi Yu turned pale and he scowled pitifully, "Second Elder Brother, are you trying to kill me?"

For all these years, he raped women, killed countless people, and committed all manners of crimes, but no one dared to punish him because his father was the Emperor.


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