Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 2001 - Kill Her (1)

Chapter 2001: Kill Her (1)

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I was teasing you. Didn't you realize?

The Emperor's face instantly darkened. "State Preceptor, what did you just say?"

Teasing them?

Was he kidding? Why did he dote on Qi Yu so much over the years if it were not for the State Preceptor praising Qi Yu to be the ruler of the four kingdoms in the future? But now, the Stare Preceptor was telling him he was joking with them?

"It looks like you didn't realize I was joking." The man was astounded. "Don't tell me, you really thought an idiot like Qi Yu could become the most powerful person in the four kingdoms?"

When he said "idiot", Qi Yu and Noble Consort Lin both flew into a rage.

"State Preceptor, are you speaking on Qi Ling's behalf? Did he give you a bribe or something? Back then, you clearly said Yu'er would become the ruler of the four kingdoms!" Noble Consort Lin said between clenched teeth, her face livid.

"A bribe?" Hearing this, the man unconsciously snorted. "Then what kind of bribe does Noble Consort Lin think is enough to bribe this state preceptor?"

Noble Consort Lin was about to respond in anger, but the Emperor regained his wits and immediately glared at her, causing her to swallow her words back.

"State Preceptor." The Emperor's face was extremely unsightly and his words wrought with resentment, "Why did you play such a joke back then? Do you know what a big mistake zhen committed simply because of your joke?"

The man peered up with a faint smile. "Noble Consort Lin was once disrespectful to this state preceptor, so why can't this state preceptor play this type of joke?"

Instantly, everyone turned their sight onto Noble Consort Lin's ashen face.

"Nonsense!" Noble Consort Lin furiously shouted, "Don't you dare smear this consort! Since when was this Consort disrespectful to you?"

"Oh? Then I wonder who was it that flirted with this state preceptor more than ten years ago? Could it be… Your Highness the Noble Consort thought that was merely a joke?"

The events back then being spoken by the man again caused Noble Consort Lin's face to become flushed. Detecting the Emperor enraged gaze, she bit her lips and said, "Yes, this Consort was merely joking with the State Preceptor. Who knew the State Preceptor would take it seriously?"

"Oh?" Realization dawned on the man's face. "Since Your Highness the Noble Consort can joke with this state preceptor, why can't this state preceptor also joke? Right, Your Majesty?"

The man's eyes contained amusement as he slowly turned to face the furious Emperor.

The Emperor suddenly went up and grasped Noble Consort Lin before slapping her twice. He angrily shouted, "You b*tch. You are a consort in the palace, yet you were unchaste and dared to flirt with the State Preceptor? Guards, drag this woman down to wait for punishment!"

Noble Consort Lin's body turned numb from the slaps, and she grew limp, slowly falling over.

Her face was full of despair. She understood that everything was over!

She placed all of her expectations on Qi Yu previously, but after seeing this, he was already terrified to the point of not daring to say a single word. He was hiding off to the side in silence, afraid that she would implicate him.

The State Preceptor slowly walked to the front of Noble Consort Lin. His smile was like spring air but it didn't reach the bottom of his eyes.

"You once flirted with me, but after being rejected by me, your shame turned to spite and you wanted to frame me! Thankfully, I dodged your scheme and did not let you succeed. However, I noted this matter down in my heart!"

"So I made your son inherit your mistake and used this to destroy him!"

Since the State Preceptor was declared to be the State Preceptor, how could his abilities be ordinary?

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