Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1999 - Yun Luofeng Was Tricked (5)

Chapter 1999: Yun Luofeng Was Tricked (5)

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In other words, whether it was the portrait or the paragraph, they were both completed by Cang Ji himself!

No wonder Yun Xiao would reveal that type of expression just now. Cang Ji's narcissism truly surpassed all others of its kind before and since! No one could compare!

"Yun Xiao." Yun Luofeng facepalmed before turning to look at Yun Xiao. She recalled Cang Ji's diary, and her eyes shifted. "How about we test it out here?"

Yun Xiao nodded and agreed without any hesitation. "Alright."

His answer was accompanied by an arm reaching out and pulling her into his embrace. She looked up, and her eyes clashed into his eyes, which were filled with deep love and warmth.

The man princess carried her and walked toward the room with large strides. A medicinal fragrance drifted into their nose, making Yun Luofeng feel refreshed.

Yun Xiao was very careful in his movements. He gently placed her on the bed, as though afraid he would hurt her if he was the slightest bit forceful.

Quickly, their clothes messily scattered on the ground. Yun Xiao lightly bit Yun Luofeng's lips, his eyes containing an endless pool of tenderness.

Inside this tiny room, besides the bed, there was also a coffin placed inside.

Yun Luofeng kept the red bead in her mouth and could feel a formidable power coursing through her with each up and down movement of Yun Xiao. The spiritual energy inside of her would also rapidly fill up.

The two of them were lost in their pleasure and their eyes contained only each other. No one discovered a transparent light flying out of the medicinal coffin and shooting inside Yun Luofeng's tummy.

In the end, Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao were tricked by Cang Ji!

This was also the first time that someone successfully tricked Yun Luofeng. After Yun Luofeng discovered the truth, the miserable fate of Cang Ji does not need to be described!

In truth, from the fact that Cang Ji was able to trick Yun Luofeng into coming to this place, it could be deduced that Cang Ji would not let this opportunity slip away!

What a joke! The child of an incorporeal and a corporeal body type, how much of a genius would they be! They would certain assimilate the advantages of both of them. So how could he give such an excellent opportunity to someone else? Absolutely implausible!

He could only give this opportunity to himself! At that time, when he's their child, wouldn't the beauties in this world come running into his arms? There was nothing more satisfying than having the power of the world in your hands and lying intoxicated at the knees of beautiful women!

As for that red bead, it was a portion of his power indeed!

After all, the incorporeal body type was his mother, so wasn't it logical for him to raise his mother's strength? He could only tyrannize the continent in the future if his mother was powerful enough! Otherwise, who would back him up?

Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao did not notice the transparent light entering her nor did they see the bead inside Yun Luofeng's mouth become brighter. Yun Luofeng only felt her body growing heavier, as though something entered her body.

Their battle this time lasted one day and one night. They did not stop to rest until the next day, drenched in sweat.

At the same time, Yun Luofeng broke through…

The heavenly lightning produced when she broke through to reverent-god level was more powerful. Yun Luofeng released Yun Yi again to have him absorb those bolts of heavenly lightning.

Also, with Yun Yi's protection, not a single bolt of lightning could approach Yun Luofeng. What was even more lacking in integrity was that the two people on the bed ignored the heavenly lightning and also ignored the Yun Yi battling with the heavenly lightning and started another round of exercise…

While Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao were exercising inside this small wooden house, Qi Su and Mu Xuexin returned to the Liufeng Kingdom and Qi Ling returned to the Tianqi Kingdom.

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