Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1998 - Yun Luofeng Was Tricked (4)

Chapter 1998: Yun Luofeng Was Tricked (4)

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“Of course, this medicinal bed isn’t enough! This old man also put all of his power inside this bead. As long as an incorporeal body type keeps this bead inside of them and mates with a corporeal body type at the same time, not only can they grow stronger but they can also get pregnant. It’s such a good thing, what else are you waiting for?”

Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes. When she saw this last sentence, why did she feel like Cang Ji knew she would show up? Without much surprise, the last page of this diary verified Yun Luofeng’s guess.

“However, this old man has exhausted his mind and spirit for this bead, and this old man doesn’t have long to live. To prevent people from disturbing his peace, this old man molded a medicinal coffin for himself already, and it’s placed inside the room of this wooden house together with the medicinal bed! This old man also forged heavenly lightning…”

Yun Luofeng’s eyes sparkled. The heavenly lightning was forged by Cang Ji? Just how strong was he previously?

“Of course, only people with the corporeal and incorporeal body type can safely pass through the heavenly lightning. Although they will be heavily injured, they… will live through it!”

What Cang Ji did not expect was for Yun Luofeng to encounter Jueqian and learn the puppet technique. This was how she was able to pass through the heavenly lightning without a single lick of damage.

“This old man hope the person with the incorporeal body type who sees this diary will believe him. This old man was once the most virtuous person, so there is no way that this old man would lie.”

The corner of Yun Luofeng’s lips could not help but twitch. Why did she feel like… this person was very unreliable?

However… Yun Luofeng looked at the bead on the table and then glanced at the half-opened room door. She was silent for a moment before picking up the red bead and placing it in front of Yun Xiao.

“See if there’s anything wrong with this bead.”

Yun Xiao picked up the heavy bead. It took a while before he said, “There is, indeed, a very formidable power inside, and this power could be directly absorbed without causing any harm.”

“So Cang Ji was not lying to me?” Yun Luofeng raised her brows. “I’m suddenly very curious about what kind of person Cang Ji was…”

Yun Xiao grew quiet. “His portrait hangs on the wall.”

From the start, Yun Luofeng’s gaze had been focused on the books on the table and did not notice there was a portrait on the wall at all.

Hearing Yun Xiao’s words and seeing the restraint of laughter on his face, Yun Luofeng could not suppress her curiosity and looked over.

How should she say this?

The person in the portrait was different from her imagination. Cang Ji addressed himself as an old man over and over again in his diary, so anyone would associate him with a white-haired old man.

However, the portrait featured a handsome and adorable youth with a fresh and pure look. His large, innocent eyes contained an indescribable alluring quality. His faint pink lips were slightly turned up, as though he wanted to recount something.

Of course, Yun Luofeng believed that this guy absolutely had a youthful appearance and an elderly heart. What rendered her incredibly speechless was the paragraph written underneath the portrait. The paragraph was undoubtedly complimenting the youth in the portrait.

For example, the world’s most virtuous person, Cang Ji; the world’s most handsome man, Cang Ji; and also… the dream lover of thousands of woman!

If someone saw these words by itself, they would certainly think the painter of the portrait was madly infatuated with Cang Ji.

However, Yun Luofeng saw the signature at the bottom left corner of the portrait. It read: Penned by Cang Ji!

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