Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1995 - Yun Luofeng Was Tricked (1)

Chapter 1995: Yun Luofeng Was Tricked (1)

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Her parents had complete say in her marriage? In the end, would she be unable to escape her fate still?

Jinyang’s heart was full of unwillingness. She clenched her fists and looked up stubbornly. “And if I refuse?”

“Jinyang, Imperial Father has raised you to this age and gave you doting that no one else could enjoy. Even if it is merely in consideration of Imperial Father’s favor for raising you, you should follow Miss Lang and leave.”

Jinyang could not help but shudder, her heart further enveloped by despair and pain.

How she wished she was nothing but a daughter of a normal family! It would be better than being a marriage tool…

“I understand.”

A long time later, her clenched fists relaxed and her pale and beautiful face filled with coldness and proudness. “Since you want to marry me to the president of the Freedom Alliance, then I will do as you say. I will consider this as paying back your favor of raising me! From now on, the relationship between us as father and daughter will be like this hair…”

She grasped a lock of hair and chopped it off with the sword in her hand. Pieces of hair gracefully floated down, like her determined mind.

“All ties are broken!”

These four words were spoken decisively and resolutely, causing Cheng Feiyang’s heart to throb with pain. He knew that this decision of his had caused him to completely lose this daughter who he had always been proud of.

“Jinyang, don’t blame Imperial Father, Imperial Father had no alternative.”

Had no alternative?

Jinyang snorted, mockery in her eyes. “You did have alternatives. It’s just that to you, compared to Imperial Mother and me, your status is more important!”

Cheng Feiyang did not refute this as Jinyang spoke the truth. Once a person had a high status, then he would absolutely be unwilling to fall down from that spot. Otherwise, he would be unable to bear that loss.

“Also…” Jinyang paused briefly. I am no longer Princess Jinyang nor am I a daughter of the Cheng Family. I will follow Imperial Mother’s surname Lianyue. From this moment onward, my name is—Lianyue Cheng!”

After saying this, Jinyang flicked her sleeve and left. Her back was straight and she was very resolute, with her eyes revealing her unwavering stance.

Looking at Jinyang’s departing figure, Cheng Feiyang’s legs grew limp. He realized he had lost too much family this time…

But he had no choice, no? Could he really become enemies with the Freedom Alliance? Who can be an opponent of the Freedom Alliance in the continent right now?

Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng did not dawdle outside of Fengyun City. Without waiting for the guards of the city gate to react, they had charged inside and headed straight for the rest station.

Currently, Cheng Feiyang had long since packed his luggage and left with his people. Yun Luofeng searched the entire rest station and only found the palace maid, Xiao Ju, who was unconscious due to her serious injury.

In order to learn what in the world happened inside Fengyun City, she fed a spirit herb to Xiao Ju.

Xiao Ju slowly woke up. Her mind was still dazed when she heard Yun Luofeng’s wicked voice.

“Do you know where Princess Jinyang of the Jinyang Kingdom went?”


Xiao Ju started briefly, and then panic flooded her face. “Her Highness the Princess was taken by that woman from the Freedom Alliance!”

Although she had been injured by Cheng Feiyang earlier, she still saw a woman appear in her semi-conscious state and take Princess Jinyang away. His Majesty referred to that woman as a member of the Freedom Alliance…

“Yun Xiao, Jinyang warned me, so I must rescue her no matter what!” Yun Luofeng looked up. “Moreover, the Freedom Alliance had harmed my mother.”

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