Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1994 - : Jinyang’s Anger (6)

Chapter 1994: Jinyang's Anger (6)

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Jinyang could not believe that the one who did this was the father who had spoiled her and protected her this whole time.

However, regardless of how Imperial Father loved his wife and spoiled his daughter, as soon as his wife and daughter conflicted with his status, he could give them up without any hesitation to stabilize his position.

“Your Highness the Princess!” The palace maid stood up from the ground and angrily looked at Cheng Feiyang. “This servant and Her Majesty the Empress also heard that His Majesty had reached an agreement with the Freedom Alliance. His Majesty would lure the prodigies of the four kingdoms to the Forest of Heaven’s Trial and the Freedom Alliance would help His Majesty raise his strength. Wu Zun also went to the Forest of Heaven’s Trial to help the Freedom Alliance kill the prodigies of the four kingdoms.”

“Shut up!”

Hearing this, Cheng Feiyang turned angry due to his shame and flung his palm. onto the palace maid’s chest. The maid flew back, and blood ceaselessly spilled out of her mouth.

“Xiao Ju!” Jinyang dashed toward the palace maid and helped her up. “Are you alright?”

“Your Highness, it was Her Majesty the Empress who saved this servant’s life, and Your Highness has treated this servant extremely well. This servant should have followed Her Majesty after she passed, but this servant was afraid Your Highness would be deceived, so this servant remained…”

The palace maid’s voice was very weak. “Now, this servant can go serve Her Majesty again…”

“How impudent!” Cheng Feiyang angrily shouted. If it weren’t for this little b*tch, Jinyang would not know everything so fast, so he released all of his anger onto the palace maid. “You are a palace maid of the Jinyang Kingdom, but you dare to disobey zhen. Your crime deserves death!”

What was laughable was that the palace maid held no regard for her life anymore, so why would she care about Cheng Feiyang’s threat?

Jinyang could feel the maid’s weakening breathing, so she gently laid her down on the ground before turning her hatred-filled eyes toward Cheng Feiyang.

“It turns out you were the one who led the Freedom Alliance to the Forest of Heaven’s Trial. For your private gain, you killed all those prodigies from the four kingdoms and became a lackey of the Freedom Alliance?” Jinyang’s chest rose and fell unevenly. “Cheng Feiyang, I’m telling you, there’s no way I will be married to the Freedom Alliance! Dream on!”

Jinyang was angry to the point of calling him by his name, the rage in her eyes boiling over.


Suddenly, the door burst open.

Cheng Feiyang turned to look with a frown and saw a ragged figure quickly entering the room. It was a pretty woman, but she looked like she had gone through a battle and looked battered.

“Miss Lang?” Cheng Feiyang was startled.

This was Lang Xinyue, the woman who came with the President of the Freedom Alliance the first time he visited. How did she turn so battered? And why did she come to Fengyun City at a time like this?

Lang Xinyue frowned. “I came to take Princess Jinyang away!”

“Did the president have you come to take Jinyang?” The reverence in Cheng Feiyang’s voice rung as clear as day. “We have been waiting here for you for a long while. You can take Jinyang away now.”

Lang Xinyue snorted but did not answer Cheng Feiyang. If she did not have a use for Jinyang still, she would not have bothered to come and take her away.

“I won’t go,” Jinyang icily stated, suppressing the killing intent rolling inside of her.

Without Imperial Mother as a hostage, did they think they could force her?

“Jinyang, Imperial Father is begging you.” Cheng Feiyang’s face was full of pleading. “Imperial Father has treated you like the pearl in my palm and dearly loved you. Could you bear to let Imperial Father be suppressed by the Freedom Alliance? Moreover, you should know that your parents have complete say in your marriage.”

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