Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1993 - Jinyang’s Anger (5)

Chapter 1993: Jinyang's Anger (5)

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The palace maid's face was full of tears and grief.

"What do you mean? Why does Imperial Father want to lock you up?" Jinyang was baffled and did not understand her.

"Your Highness the Princess, Her Majesty the Empress is dead."


The palace maid's words were like lightning flashing across a clear sky and striking Jinyang's head, causing her to shudder. She latched onto a nearby wall, barely holding herself up.

"What nonsense are you speaking? Imperial Mother was kidnapped by the Freedom Alliance, why are you saying she is dead?"

Impossible! Imperial Mother couldn't be dead! Imperial Father couldn't have lied to her!

"Your Highness the Princess, this servant witnessed this with my own eyes. His Majesty and Wu Zun plotted together and said they would give you to the president of the Freedom Alliance. Her Majesty heard this, so Wu Zun killed Her Majesty. He also discussed with His Majesty to cover this up and purposefully make you think Her Majesty was kidnapped by the Freedom Alliance to force you, Your Highness."

The palace maid explained everything in one breath, and her voice could not help but start trembling slightly.

Jinyang heavily leaned against the wall, and tears unconsciously started drenching her face. Her lips were pale. "Xiao Ju, tell me you are lying to me!"

She said she did not believe this all, but in truth, she clearly understood Xiao Ju had no need to lie to her.

Did that mean Imperial Father was lying to her?

The more Cheng Feiyang thought about it, the more he worried about Jinyang. He wanted to visit her and tell her to keep the present situation above all else.

However, the moment he pushed the door open and entered, he saw the palace maid who had gone completely missing the past feel days kneeling in front of Jinyang. Standing opposite of her, tears covered Jinyang's face and hatred leaked out of her eyes.

Cheng Feiyang's heart skipped a beat.

It appeared his guess was correct. This palace maid really knew everything. However, he never would have expected for her to hide inside Jinyang's room.

Hold on, he had ordered someone to search through all the rooms, but they did not discover Xiao Ju. Where in the world did she hide?

"Imperial Father." Jinyang turned her head, staring at Cheng Feiyang with her anguished gaze. "Why did you kill Imperial Mother? Why?"

Cheng Feiyang closed his eyes. It was a while before he reopened them. "It wasn't me who killed your Imperial Mother."

In other words, Imperial Mother was really dead.

Jinyang stumbled a few steps and nearly collapsed. Her face was full of despair and hatred.

"I know it wasn't you who killed Imperial Mother, it was Wu Zun! However, why did you help Wu Zun lie to me? Why didn't you tell me the truth? Why?" She hysterically shouted. Her eyes were bloodshot, the typical coolness in her eyes was replaced with hatred and fury, full of disbelief.

She could not believe that her Imperial Father who treated Imperial Mother that gently and dearly loved her would be an accomplice in killing his wife!

Yes, he was an accomplice! Otherwise, he would not help Wu Zun cover this matter up!

"Jinyang, zhen is the Emperor. My hands are tied about many things." Cheng Feiyang's heart was also in pain. But what could he do? For the Jinyang Kingdom, he could only give up his wife and daughter!

Jinyang startled laughing, her smile miserable. "What a wonderful 'my hands are tied'! You are merely seeking an excuse for your ambition! You want to be the strongest of the four kingdoms, so I work hard and cultivate to break through! You want to unite and lead the four kingdoms, so I plan to obtain first place for certain this time."

"And you? You killed my imperial mother and deceived me so that I would be married to the president of the Freedom Alliance!"

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