Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1990 - Jinyang’s Anger (2)

Chapter 1990: Jinyang's Anger (2)

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But the one who told him this was Prince Cheng Li from the Jinyang Kingdom!

Qi Yu’s heart was mercilessly shaken, and he involuntarily took a few steps back. He slightly narrowed his eyes, killing intent leaking through his gaze toward Qi Ling. This idiot actually managed to obtain three jade seals?

No! Absolutely not permissible! This world was his! It can’t be handed over to anyone else!

“Prince Cheng Li, could you possibly want to see Qi Ling unite the four kingdoms?” Qi Yu’s eyes twinkled, and he eerily said, “I think that your Jinyang Kingdom is more qualified than Qi Ling! Although Qi Ling has the help of the Liufeng Kingdom, but… if we teamed up, we have a chance.”

Qi Yu was betting. He was betting that Yun Xiao would not meddle in other people’s business out of fear for the two kingdoms.

After all, regardless of how strong this man was, he was probably nothing but a reverent-god level cultivator. However, the reverent-god level cultivators from the two kingdoms added together would be enough to crush him!

Qi Yu had clearly forgotten something though. Yun Xiao dared to kill someone in front of the emperor of the Jinyang Kingdom, what didn’t he dare to do?

Without waiting for Qi Ling and his group say anything, Cheng Li darted up and flung his palm across Qi Yu’s face. Then, he furiously lifted his leg and ruthlessly kicked his chest.

“Idiot, if you want to dig your own grave, don’t f*cking drag this prince down with you!”

Cheng Li was trembling from anger. Teaming up with him to oppose Qi Ling and them, did he have the guts?

Why didn’t he take a look at how many reverent-god level cultivators from the Freedom Alliance died here? How many people did their Jinyang Kingdom have for them to kill?

Qi Yu stood up while clutching his chest. He angrily hollered, “Cheng Li, what are you doing? You want to unite the four kingdoms, and I plan to help you, but you attack me? That’s how you ungratefully reward my kindness!”

“That’s right, I am hitting you, trash!”

Cheng Li kicked again, sending Qi Yu flying back. The group of people behind Qi Yu wanted to act but were knocked down by the soldiers from the Jinyang Kingdom.

Currently, Cheng Li did not care whether the other person was another kingdom’s prince. He directly ran to him and mercilessly stomped down.

“Trash, if you want to die, find somewhere devoid of people to die! Why would you set me up? What ‘I want to unite the four kingdoms’? What f*cking bullsh*t! I never wanted to do that!”

What a joke. Even if he wanted to, he did not have the nerve to say it! Also, after seeing Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao’s strength, he truly did not entertain that kind of thoughts anymore.

This continent had always been like that, the strong were respected. Their strength was too terrifying. He would not stand a chance.

This was why Cheng Li would become so enraged after hearing Qi Yu’s words.

Qi Yu was stunned by the attack. He evidently did not know what had happened and could not say a single word due to the pain.

“I don’t have any enmities with you, yet you want to harm me. Today, if I don’t kill a piece of trash like you, I will take up your surname!”

Qi Yu claimed that Cheng Li wanted to rule over the four kingdoms in front of Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao and wanted to team up with him to oppose these people. What was different between this and setting him up on purpose?

Cheng Li trembled as soon as he thought to this point. Of course, his trembling was not due to being angered, it was due to the fear that came from the bottom of his heart. He was afraid that Yun Luofeng would believe this trash’s words…

“Prince, if Your Highness keeps hitting him, he will really be killed!”

One of the people behind Cheng Li kindly warned him when he saw Cheng Li flying off the handle with rage.

Cheng Yu was a prince of the Tianqi Kingdom, to say the least. No matter what, he cannot hit him to the point of death…

As expected, Cheng Li retracted his leg and harshly glared at Qi Yu. “Next time, if you harm me again, it won’t be as simple as a mere hard beating!”

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