Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1985 - Yun Xiao Makes a Move (3)

Chapter 1985: Yun Xiao Makes a Move (3)

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Ou Lei watched as Bai Ling tightly embraced Yun Luofeng, the killing intent in his eyes intensifying. "She's nothing but a b*stard, does she deserve you cherishing her like this?"

Bai Ling clenched her fists, rage boiling in her chest as she coldly turned around to look at Ou Lei. "She is my legitimate daughter and I'm an officially wed daughter-in-law of the Yun Family. How is she a b*stard?"

"My wonderful junior sister, don't forget that Master is dead already, and I'm your senior brother. I didn't agree to your marriage to that man, so that girl can merely be a b*stard!"

Bai Ling smiled, derision in her smile.

"I formally became Master's disciple for a mere 10 years, but I was married to Brother Yang for nearly 30 years. You think you have the qualifications to decide important matters in my life for me?"

If the past few years did not happen, Bai Ling would still treat this senior brother of hers as family. Back when Master was still alive, whether it was her senior brothers or senior sisters, they all treated her extremely well.

However, as soon as Master died, these people's rapacious ambition was exposed. She never knew Ou Lei was such a shameless and vile character!

Yun Luofeng did not stop their conversation. To her, the longer they could stall Ou Lei, the better. This saved her from thinking of a way to stall for time.

"Yun Yueqing, I'm your senior brother, you must listen to me!" Ou Lei grew angry and lifted his hand, wanting to grab Bai Ling's shoulders. "Either this b*stard serves me like you will, or she dies! You choose!"

Before Ou Lei's hand could touch Bai Ling, she swatted it away with revulsion. Her eyes contained unconcealed disgust.

"Scram, don't touch me with you disgusting hands! Also, there's no way my daughter will die, nor will she serve you!"

Ou Lei lost his mind to violent fury. He naturally could not kill Bai Ling, so he could only turn his sight toward Yun Luofeng again.

"You don't have the protection of the dragon scale armor anymore! Let's see how you will fight with me this time! Die!"

The second his words were spoken, he charged in front of Yun Luofeng as fast as lightning. The killing intent in his eyes was completely revealed as an icy, eerie smile turned up on his lips.

Watching the approaching attack, Yun Luofeng's expression turned serious. This time, she didn't dare to fight fire with fire and turned to the side to dodge it.

However, Ou Lei's sharp sword was a hairbreadth from her eyes in the next second. She had nowhere to run.

Bai Ling's heart stopped again, and she madly dashed toward Yun Luofeng.

However, she was a bit far away and could not compete with Ou Lei in front of her. She would not reach Yun Luofeng in time.

Suddenly, in the air, a cold, rope-like presence strapped around his neck, choking him. By the time he recovered, a man in long, black robes landed in front of him and took Yun Luofeng into his arms.

The man's expression was cool, and a forbidding aura whipped around him as he lifted his hand, forcing Ou Lei to back up a few steps, seriousness finally creeping onto the man's face.

"Who are you?"

Yun Xiao's mouth curved up, his face grave. "You delusionally dare to touch my woman, yet you ask me who I am?"

Bai Ling was originally wondering about the identity of the man who descended from the sky and instantly turned stupefied when she heard his words, thunderstruck.

His woman? Could it be that… Feng'er had a husband already?

Bai Ling's face turned dim. How much did she miss all these years?

Ou Lei's expression shifted. He could feel the powerful aura around this man, and his mood turned heavy.

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