Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1983 - Yun Xiao Makes a Move (1)

Chapter 1983: Yun Xiao Makes a Move (1)

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There was a sneer on the man's face as his palm fiercely slammed onto the dragon scale armor on Yun Luofeng.

His aura whirled around him, and his every hit aimed for her vitals.

Initially, he wanted to use Yun Luofeng as Bai Ling's substitute, but he never expected this woman to be Bai Ling's daughter! Since it was like that, he would make Bai Ling be in so much pain that she would wish she was dead!

That was the price she had to pay for not accepting him!

However, seeing Yun Luofeng dodge his attack again and again, the man's face turned dark, and a layer of frost covered his features.

Bai Ling's daughter was actually strong to this extent. Thank goodness he discovered it early on. Otherwise, if he allowed her to continue growing, his Freedom Alliance would probably be destroyed by her.

The top priority right now was to eliminate her before she was fully grown!

Thinking to this point, a killing intent entered the man's eyes, and his attacks toward Yun Luofeng became faster and faster and also more and more ferocious, pouring down on her like a raging storm.

Yun Luofeng used a tranquil expression to cover up her emotions inside.

The dragon scale armor had a time limit. She had summoned it once earlier already. Although she was able to summon twice in a short amount of time because she broke through to heavenly-god level, she would be at a disadvantage once the armor disappeared. At that time, she would be unable to fend this man off.

While Yun Luofeng was deep in contemplation, the man arrived in front of her again, a sharp blade appearing in his hand, chopping down toward Yun Luofeng's head.

Yun Luofeng tilted her head, and the blade slid past her hair, with a strand of hair being cut off and drifting down from the air.

"Girl, you might be beautiful, but you are too young still. You aren't as flavorful as your mother. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind accepting both of you, hahaha!" The man guffawed, his arrogant voice ringing in the air.

"I'm afraid you won't have the life to enjoy it," Yun Luofeng domineering stated as she coldly looked at the man.

"Tut, from what I know, your dragon scale armor has a time limit. When it's time, I'm afraid you will become a lamb waiting for slaughter."

"Is that so?" Yun Luofeng faintly smiled.

Her dragon scale armor did have a time limit, but… Yun Xiao was also almost here! She only needed to hold on until Yun Xiao came!

"Stop!" Seeing the man about to attack again, Bai Ling finally could not help but shout, "Ou Lei, I'm the one you have been looking for all along. This has nothing to do with my daughter. If you dare to hurt her the slightest, I will turn you limbless even if I am crushed in the process!"

After all, Bai Ling was Yun Luofeng's mother, so how could she not know her daughter was barely holding on? If she did not step up and protect her daughter, how was she worthy to be a mother?

The man that Bai Ling called Ou Lei smiled and haughtily looked at Bai Ling.

"Bai Ling, you finally decided to be married to me? It's not like you have a pure body anyway. You should be deeply grateful that I will still take you." His face was arrogant. "Could it be that I can't compare to that b*stard of yours?"

Bai Ling mockingly smiled. "Ten thousand of you wouldn't compare to a single him! I am not pleading with you right now, I am warning you! You should believe my strength. You won't end well if I do sacrifice myself!"

Ou Lei's face slowly darkened, filling people with terror like a hurricane.

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