Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1982 - Mother And Daughter Reuniting (6)

Chapter 1982: Mother And Daughter Reuniting (6)

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As soon as Yun Luofeng finished speaking, egotistical laughter pierced the horizon, evoking a commotion in the sky.

"Xiao Feng'er, I didn't expect to be discovered by you even though I hid so deep."

A red figure, brilliant like fire, slowly appeared in the air.

The man was like a siren who could overturn kingdoms. He was a man, but his beauty caused women to feel ashamed.

His red clothes complemented his unrivaled magnificence, his lapels were half-opened at his chest, the snow-white skin ransoming people's heart and soul.

He donned a haughty smile as he looked down on the people standing opposite of Yun Luofeng.

"Since you came, why didn't you come out before just now?" Yun Luofeng asked with narrowed eyes, an evil glint flickering through them.

She came to the Fengyun Continent to search for Ji Jiutian, yet this man decided to hide from her?

"Didn't that guy say he wanted to fight with you one on one?" Ji Jiutian pointed at the man with his chin. "I merely wanted to observe his strength. Also, I don't think he can defeat you."

"However,…" he faintly smiled, "I didn't expect him to be so shameless. He can't win against you, so he plans to bully the minority with the majority. I was about to come out and help you, but then you discovered me."

Yun Luofeng glanced at Ji Jiutian. "How many can you fight?"

"I will leave this man for you to deal with. I can stop the other people for you."

"Alright, you will deal with these people with Little Tiger. I will personally take care of this man from the Freedom Alliance." Yun Luofeng's expression turned serious again, her voice was chillingly wicked.

Little Tiger called and alertly stared at the people from the Freedom Alliance like they were prey.

Bai Ling was not sure if she misconceived it, but she felt like the way this vixen-man in red looked at her daughter was unusual.

However, her daughter was so outstanding, so it was very normal that she had admirers!

Bai Ling was proud as she thought of this. This was her daughter—her pride in life!

"You want to deal with so many people with you two alone?" The man narrowed his eyes, disdain flickering through them. "I'm afraid you're fantasizing too much!"

He would teach them a life lesson and make them understand that they should not bluff! Otherwise, they would slap their own face!

Yun Luofeng calmly looked at the man. Yun Xiao must have already noticed the commotion caused by her fight with this man just now. He must be on his way right now.

She must stall for time until he arrived.

Ji Jiutian was standing in front of Yun Luofeng. At the same time, the group of reverent-gods behind the man acted as well.

The blood-striped tiger angrily roared and charged toward one of the reverent-gods. He opened his mouth wide and ferociously chomped on the reverent-god. However, the reverent-god managed to dodge Little Tiger's attack by turning to the side.

Little Tiger was not discouraged and shot toward the reverent-god again.

Yun Luofeng released Yun Yi. Although Yun Yi was only at the heavenly-god level, he could still fend off a few attacks of a reverent-god with his strength.

As for the other spirit beasts, there was a gap in strength, so Yun Luofeng did not let them come out and fight to avoid unnecessary fatalities.

Seeing the man act first, Bai Ling's heart became tense again and she hurriedly warned, "Feng'er, careful!"

With a glance, Yun Luofeng caught sight of the man that had reached the spot in front of her, and the dragon scale armor on her glowed resplendently as she received the man's attack again.

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