Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1976 - Battle Between Reverent-gods (6)

Chapter 1976: Battle Between Reverent-gods (6)

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That's right, Little Tiger could speak. However, the spirit beasts had gotten used to dwelling inside the Forest of Heaven's Trial, so they rarely used human speech to communicate. After all, there was no way a reverent-god-level spirit beast did not know human speech.

After learning that Yun Yueqing was also inside the Forest of Heaven's Trial and was seriously injured, Yun Luofeng abandoned the battlefield and made Little Tiger take her there quickly.

As for those reverent-gods, Yun Xiao would take care of them soon.

"This is the antidote grass, feed it to her first to temporarily control the poison. If we wanted to expel the poison from her system, I'm afraid more time is needed." Yun Luofeng frowned.

Yun Yueqing, oh, that's not right, Bai King's poison was a bit complicated. It was the most difficult poison she had encountered so far, so there was no way she could remove it entirely in a short amount of time. This poison needed at least half a month to remove!

After feeding the antidote grass to Bai Ling, Yun Luofeng swiftly pulled out her silver needles and stuck them into her chest. Then, she dragged Little Bug out of God Code Space and said, "Give me a drop of essence blood!"

"What?" Little Bug turned pale with fright and feebly said, "Mistress, you know well the importance of the essence blood to us dragons. Extracting a drop of essence blood, it takes several months before I can recover.

"You are a member of the Ancestral Dragon Tribe, right?" Yun Luofeng dryly asked.

Alarm flashed through Little Bug's eyes. "Why are you asking this?"

"Do you want to return to your true tribe?"

Little Bug was the venerable ancestor of the Dragon Tribe, but it did not mean the Dragon Tribe originated from him, it meant that Little Bug came from the Ancestral Dragon Tribe.

To normal dragons, any ancestral dragon was their venerable ancestor!

Little Bug grew more alarmed. "Mistress, clearly state what you want to say. You will really help me return to the Ancestral Dragon Tribe?"

"That's right, I wager that the Ancestral Dragon Tribe migrated following the change that happened in the Spirit God Continent many years ago. Give me a drop of essence blood, and I will help you return to the Ancestral Dragon Tribe. This is a fair trade without any deception."

Faced with the woman's calm expression, Little Bug's eyes brightened. As long as he could return to the Ancestral Dragon Tribe, he was willing to give ten drops of essence blood, let alone one!

"Okay, it's a deal!"

Little Bug eagerly shook his little butt and bit into his tongue and with a push of his energy, a drop of essence blood moved out of his mouth and slowly floated to the mouth of Bai Ling.

With this drop of essence blood to recover her vitality, Bai Ling's complexion gradually regained its color. Rivulets of black energy also followed the needles and floated out.


Bai Ling released a light groan and slowly opened her eyes.

The second she opened her eyes, she could feel a warm tongue licking her face, causing her expression to drastically transform. "I didn't die?"

If she did not recover her memory, Bai Ling did not want to die. But after recovering her memory, she would remember the scene of her husband's violent death, and her continual survival merely deepened her pain.

"Could it be that you want to end everything with death? Do you think you will be absolved by dying? No, you do obtain freedoms by dying, but you pain the people who are alive! Grandfather's hair has whitened over the years because of you, and Second Uncle has also lived in pain for so many years!"

Yun Luofeng watched Bai Ling's anguished expression and continued, "Qi Su was also expelled from the Qi Family, and Qi Ling claims that she will come to the Forest of Heaven's Trial to look for you when she's strong enough."

"So many people are concerned about you and care for you. Yet, all you want to do is to absolve yourself and you didn't consider the family that's still alive?"

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