Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1974 - Battle Between Reverent-gods (4)

Chapter 1974: Battle Between Reverent-gods (4)

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But other people did not know.

Cheng Li's eyes were wide open with astonishment as he dumbfoundedly looked at the handsome, black-robed man in the sky and then at the white-clothed woman standing on the narrow and winding road.

His expression turned from its initial despair to hope! However, most of it was due to the shock from the bottom of his heart!

Jinyang was incredibly talented and was referred to as number one in the four kingdoms.

However, Jinyang did not have the strength to fend off those reverent-god level experts' attacks and also was not capable of remaining unaffected under the threat of so many reverent-god level experts!

Originally, the people of the Jinyang Kingdom looked down on Yun Luofeng and her group. They would not have allied with the Ziyue Kingdom otherwise, but now, Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao's power terrified them from the bottom of their hearts.

Thankfully, the people from the Freedom Alliance had come in time. Otherwise, they could have committed a mistake they could not make up for in their lifetime!

Even without Yun Xiao appearing, Yun Luofeng was able to hold her own against a reverent-god level cultivator. How would they fight her? Could they?

If it were not for the idiot Qian Zixuan bewitching him, he would not have wanted to steal the jade seal from Yun Luofeng.

Thinking to this point, Cheng Li clenched his teeth from hate. If Qian Zixuan still lived, he would certainly shred that d*mn b*stard into thousands of pieces!


Lang Xinyue climbed up from the ground and snorted, her lips turning up into a sneer. "Although I underestimated your strength, I won't make things pleasant for you this time!"

She pulled out a bamboo flute from somewhere unknown and started playing it.

As soon as Yun Luofeng heard her playing, she realized Lang Xinyue was playing a beast-controlling song!

As expected, as the eerie flute played, the spirit beasts from a radius of a kilometer all madly dashed toward Yun Luofeng and the others post haste.

"Qi Su." Mu Xuexin's heart clenched, and she subconsciously grasped Qi Su's hand. Her clear and bright eyes were brimming with worry.

Qi Su reversed their hold, enveloping her little hand in his, as though giving her strength.

In comparison to other people's various state of panic, Yun Luofeng was standing still in the breeze, calm and indifferent. Her wicked eyes were placid and without a ripple.

Why was it called a thousand-beast stampede? Everyone gained first-hand experience of it at that moment.

Under the mad dash of these spirit beasts, the ground started shaking nonstop, as though all the spirit beasts inside the Forest of Heaven's Trial were flooding out.

Lang Xinyue put down her flute, a rivulet of blood spilling from the corner of her mouth, but her voice was mocking, "This many reverent-god levels added with this many spirit beasts, I would like to see whether you can still handle it!"

Although Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao could handle it, other people would be unable to escape death.

Yun Luofeng had already geared up to fight, the dragon-scale armor wrapped around her entire body, even her face was covered with glowing white dragon scales, making her look awe-inspiring and akin to a general who could vaporize the world.

The leader of the group of spirit beasts was a little tiger with blood-colored stripes. He released a low majestic roar and rapidly charged over, s storm of dust flying up behind him.

However, when the spirit beasts dashed past the people from the Jinyang Kingdom, they did not stop at all. Perhaps due to the odd behavior of these spirit beasts, Yun Luofeng did not take the initiative to act in the end and observed the approaching spirit beasts.

"Roar!" The blood-striped tiger mightily roared and charged toward Lang Xinyue.

The aerial beasts started attacking the reverent-god level people fighting with Yun Xiao.

Before Lang Xinyue could smile, she froze. She was stupefied by the scene before her and was unable to react even when the spirit beasts reached her.

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