Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1971 - Battle Between Reverent-gods (1)

Chapter 1971: Battle Between Reverent-gods (1)

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At that moment, Qian Zixuan recalled Princess Jinyang's sudden departure, and for some reason, unease rose in his heart.

More importantly, the people who came with Wu Zun were all reverent-god level experts!

Heavens, since when did so many reverent-god level spirit cultivators appear in the continent?

"Hahaha! It looks like it's quite a complete gathering, except for that trash third prince of the Tianqi Kingdom. However, forget it, it's not a problem if a trash like that didn't come." Coy laughter was heard and a pretty woman in green clothes walked out of the group of people.

The woman swept her eyes over her audience and caught sight of the woman next to Yun Xiao, jealousy instantly flowing out of her eyes.

As if it was not enough that a Yun Yueqing existed previously, now, another woman that resembled Yun Yueqing appeared. And the president is already interested in her.

"Miss Xinyue, can you perhaps spare the prodigies of our Jinyang Kingdom?" Wu Zun turned to the woman in green and tentatively asked.

This woman was not only the junior sister of the president but also his concubine, so he naturally should not offend her.

"The president's order is to eliminate all the prodigies inside the Forest of Heaven's Trial, including those of the Jinyang Kingdom!" She said with an aloof expression, contempt flashing through her eyes.

Wu Zun's expression shifted as he looked at the people from the Jinyang Kingdom. He wanted to say something but was unable to say anything in the end.

"Sir Wu Zun, what's going on?" Chen Li was very displeased and tightly clenched his fists. "Also, Jinyang. Jinyang said she had something to do earlier, so she left. Did she already know what we are going to face?"

Wu Zun glanced at Cheng Li and indifferently said, "Jinyang didn't know anything, she was merely lucky. The president of the Freedom Alliance took a liking to her, so I had her leave first."

"Does Imperial Father know about this?" Cheng Li asked between gritted teeth.

"His Majesty knows already. It was His Majesty who reached an agreement with the alliance."

The people from the Jinyang Kingdom originally held hope in their hearts, especially Cheng Li. He had great respect and admiration for his father.

However, these people told him that Imperial Father planned to give them up? No!

Cheng Li tightly clenched his fists and shouted at the top of his lungs, "You are lying to me! I am at least Imperial Father's son. Why would Imperial Father treat me like this?"

"Your Highness the Fourth Prince, His Majesty has his own troubles and has no other choice. This is the order of the Freedom Alliance, we can't disobey."

His words were revealing. The Jinyang Kingdom belonged to the Freedom Alliance. They did not have the guts to disobey the orders issued by the Freedom Alliance.

Qi Ling's eyes turned sharp. "So us coming to the Forest of Heaven's Trial is also the conspiracy of the Jinyang Kingdom and the Freedom Alliance? You say you are having the four kingdoms team up together to deal with the Freedom Alliance. But in the end, he became a lackey of the Freedom Alliance himself and wants to capture the four kingdoms at once?"

"That's right." Wu Zun did not deny it. "The Forest of Heaven's Trial will be your burial ground! However, considering that you are members of the four kingdoms, I will permit you to get to know each other!'

His voice was very arrogant, evidently looking down on this group of prodigies.

The only one who could make him for the cautious was the Ghost Emperor, but even so, he did not think the Ghost Emperor could defeat so many reverent-god level experts by himself… This was clearly something impossible!

Yun Xiao stood beside Yun Luofeng the whole time and protected her in his arms. He coldly surveyed the experts that encircled them, killing intent slowly leaking out of his dark eyes.


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