Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1969 - Jinyang’s Warning (5)

Chapter 1969: Jinyang's Warning (5)

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Currently, the Forest of Heaven’s Trial was exceptionally quiet. Every footstep was clearly heard.

Although they encountered a countless number of spirit beasts, those spirit beasts were dealt with by Qi Ling and the others before Yun Luofeng needed to act.

“This whole time, we weren’t able to find the hiding spot of the jade seals. If we continue like this, I’m afraid we will enter the deep part of the Forest of Heaven’s Trial.” Qi Su glanced at Yun Luofeng and asked, “Miss Yun, are we going to continue?”

Yun Luofeng peered at the air behind her. She could feel a familiar presence there, her lips turning up. “Continue going!”

It was as though having Yun Xiao following her would cause her to become fearless.


Qi Su and the others did not hesitate any longer and nodded in response.

Everyone continued onward, heading deeper into the forest. The deeper they went, the stronger the spirit beasts that they encountered. Yun Luofeng collected her thoughts and did not lower her guard anymore.

“Miss Yun, look.”

Suddenly, Qi Su pointed at a large bird flying in the sky, excitement in his eyes. “Look! Isn’t that bird holding a jade seal in its mouth?”

Hearing this, Yun Luofeng looked up. Immediately, a giant, fire-colored bird flying above them entered her sight, the jade seal in its mouth extremely distinct.

This fire bird probably picked up the jade seal inside the forest by chance and did not know its use, so it took it and left and coincidentally flew past them.

“Qi Su, shoot that bird down!”


Qi Su’s hand raised, and a stream of spirit energy gathered in his palm and transformed into a sharp sword, shooting toward the fire bird with a bang.

Instantly, the fire bird released a lament and fell down from the sky, harshly landing on the ground.

In truth, Qi Su and the other people had held their strength back this whole journey, except for the spirit beasts who wanted to kill them. Then, he would give them a taste of their own medicine and kill them. Toward spirit beasts like the fire bird who did not provoke them, he merely injured them and did not harm their life.

“It’s truly a jade seal! It’s the jade seal of our Liufeng Kingdom.” Mu Xuexin was ecstatic and swiftly walked toward Qi Su with a smile on her face.

After thinking over it, Mu Xuexin took the jade seal and handed it to Yun Luofeng. “Miss Yun, I will give this jade seal to you. Instead of letting other people unite and lead the four kingdoms, I would rather that person be you.”

Yun Luofeng did not say anything decorous and put away the jade seal. “Let’s continue.”

Maybe their luck was too great, but not long later, they found a cave and discovered the jade seal of the Jinyang Kingdom was inside, managing to obtain the jade seal without much effort.

There were a total of four jade seals. Yun Luofeng had obtained two already, meaning she had a 50% chance of winning.


Just as they continued walking forward, they suddenly discovered people from the Jinyang Kingdom had started fighting with Qiao Zixuan of the Ziyue Kingdom.

“Qian Zixuan, hand over that jade seal!” a prince of the Jinyang Kingdom severely shouted with a harsh expression.

“If you want to obtain the jade seal, then rely on your own strength! What’s the use if you’re powerless?” Qian Zixuan fearlessly retorted.

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