Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1967 - Jinyang’s Warning (3)

Chapter 1967: Jinyang's Warning (3)

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"No, I need to go find the princess!"

After Wu Zun and Cheng Feiyang left, the palace maid swiftly ran toward the exit of the rest station. However, she stumbled right into Mo Qiancheng after a few steps.

Mo Qiancheng had just discovered Yun Luofeng had left him behind and departed on her own, so he was full of rage already. When was bumped into by this palace maid, he automatically shouted in anger, "Are you blind?"

"You…" When the imperial stood up and saw the youth, she thought over it for a moment and asked, "You are a member of the Tianqi Kingdom team?"

The Tianqi Kingdom only had four people come to Fengyun City; this was no secret. The palace maid had naturally gone to seen the excitement as well and remembered the youth standing next to Yun Luofeng.

Suddenly, the palace maid thought of something and frantically said, "Since you are a member of the Tianqi Kingdom, then hurry and go to the Forest of Heaven's Trial."

"Forest of Heaven's Trial?" Mo Qiancheng tilted his head, his face full of incomprehension.

"The prodigies of the four kingdoms all went to the Forest of Heaven's Trial to participate in the tournament, but this tournament is actually a conspiracy of the Freedom Alliance. All the prodigies inside the Forest of Heaven's Trial will encounter danger."

When the palace maid finished speaking, Mo Qiancheng's expression drastically changed, and a vicious aura exploded out of his body. With a swish, he madly darted out of the rest station.

This palace maid was too stupid. She only knew Mo Qiancheng was a member of the Tianqi Kingdom but told this secret to him without knowing whether Mo Qiancheng had been bribed by Cheng Feiyang.

If it was someone else, she would have been killed already. Unfortunately, though, the palace maid had no other method. With her walking speed, who knew when she would arrive at the Forest of Heaven's Trial? Since she coincidentally ran into Mo Qiancheng, she grabbed onto him like the last straw and spilled everything.

Seeing Mo Qiancheng's departing figure, the palace maid let out of sigh of relief, but she did not relax because of this and hurriedly left as well.

The Forest of Heaven's Trial stretched as far as one's eye could see.

Many prodigies had arrived inside the forest already. As they observed the dense forest, those who had experienced countless hardships were intimidated by it.

"Your Highness the Princess."

Suddenly, a guard moved to the front of Jinyang and quietly said, "His Majesty sent a message just now telling you to not enter the Forest of Heaven's Trial."

Jinyang was startled, astonishment in her eyes. "Why? The competition this time is incredibly important, why does His Majesty want me to withdraw?"

Sir Wu Zun had said that if she did not win first place, she would be ordered to marry an emperor from one of the other three kingdoms. But she had always been a proud person, how could she be willing to serve the same husband with other women? To not be casually matched to someone by Wu Zun, she could only win and couldn't lose!

"This subordinate also don't know. It is His Majesty's order to let you secretly leave without telling anyone."

"Not even my imperial brothers?"

"This is His Majesty's order."

Jinyang grew silent.

Since a moment ago, agitation had filled her heart. She felt like something had happened. In the face of such an important competition, her imperial father was actually making her withdraw and also didn't let her imperial brothers know?

Jinyang took a deep breath. "I understand. I will leave in a moment."

"Then Your Highness the Princess should now…"

Jinyang did not say anything and slowly walked toward Yun Luofeng.

When Qi Su and the others saw Jinyang's approach, their gaze chilled and filled with alarm, as though afraid she would suddenly attack.

After all, they have arrived at the Forest of Heaven's Trial already, according to the rules, all the prodigies could attack their opponents!

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