Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1965 - Jinyang’s Warning (1)

Chapter 1965: Jinyang's Warning (1)

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"President, don't worry. At that time, I will certainly give that woman to you as a present," Wu Zun expressionlessly answered.

The man loudly chuckled and flicked his sleeve, walking toward the sunlight.

"The people of Freedom Alliance have already entered the Forest of Heaven's Trial. If the Jinyang Kingdom sincerely serves me, I will send someone there and kill the prodigies of the three kingdoms."

His order was the same as forcing the Jinyang Kingdom to become enemies with the other three kingdoms.

Cheng Feiyang's face turned paler, and his body was incredibly weak. What was called being hoisted by his own petard? He was probably experiencing it deeper than anyone else.

"Your Majesty, this is an opportunity." Wu Zun glanced at Cheng Feiyang. "If the Jinyang Kingdom sends someone there, perhaps it could save those princes' lives at the last minute."

In contrast to the Jinyang Kingdom, Wu Zun was willing to give up those prodigies' lives. But if there was a chance for them to live, it would be even better.

"Alright." Cheng Feiyang opened his eyes, his voice weak. "Sir Wu Zun, you will personally lead them there and also… bring Jinyang back."

Wu Zun did not say anything. The current Freedom Alliance was already not as it was back when the old president was there. The Alliance of that time merely existed for self-defense, but the current Alliance was ready to attack.

If they wanted to survive in this continent, they must be ready to give something up!

"Your Majesty, don't worry. Jinyang will live far better than anyone by following the president of the Freedom Alliance."

Jinyang eventually had to be married off, and no one in the four kingdoms was worthy of her! So the president of the Freedom Alliance had to be her best option.


Suddenly, the sound of something hitting a rock was heard outside the door. A sharp glint flickered through Wu Zun's eyes as he harshly shouted, "Who is there?!"

Panic flashed through the face of the person outside. They were about to flee, but Wu Zun and Cheng Feiyang both ran out in a flash.

"Empress?" Cheng Feiyang was startled.

The Empress had followed along with them to Fengyun City, but he did not expect her to have overheard their conversation just now.

In truth, while the president of the Freedom Alliance was here, he had already detected the Empress' presence, but he disregarded this insignificant woman and did not want to let this woman's blood dirty his hands. This was why he did not drag the Empress out.

"Empress, go back!" Cheng Feiyang's tone was evidently plagued with panic.

Fright was written all over the Empress' ashen face. She kneeled down with a plop. "Your Majesty, don't you know Jinyang's personality? Forcing her to be married to someone she doesn't love is the same as forcing her to her death."

"Empress, this is men's business. Don't interfere. Someone, come and detain her!' Cheng Feiyang glanced at Wu Zun standing to the side before hastily sending a look to the Empress.

Cheng Feiyang might be completely brainless, and his conduct was incomparably domineering, but he did have sincere affections for his empress.

"No, Your Majesty, I beg you to retract your order! Otherwise… otherwise making this servant watch my daughter be married to the Freedom Alliance, unable to do anything, this servant would rather die!"

What pained her more was that Cheng Feiyang did not care about his daughter's happiness in order to live.

Struggle flashed through Cheng Feiyang's eyes, which Wu Zun coincidentally caught.

"Your Majesty, those who accomplish great things are not bothered about trifles. Moreover, you are marrying Jinyang off to the Freedom Alliance for the entire Jinyang Kingdom. As for this woman, she has obviously meddled with His Majesty's business…" A cold light surfaced in Wu Zun's eyes, murderous aura springing up unbidden in them.


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