Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1964 - Yun Yueqing (6)

Chapter 1964: Yun Yueqing (6)

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Wu Zun grew silent as he mulled over the advantages and disadvantages.

"You can refuse, but your fate will be the same as the other three kingdoms. Even if you allow Jinyang to return, I'm afraid I will kill her anyway." The man peered up, his eerie voice rung in the study, "However, I have long since heard of Princess Jinyang's fame and also admired him for a while. If you agree, Jinyang will be used for a marriage alliance."

"No!" Cheng Feiyang's face abruptly changed. "Zhen doesn't agree! Jinyang isn't merchandise to be traded! Zhen will not use her for a transaction!"

Although Cheng Feiyang was a bit muddled, coveted power a bit much, and was a bit greedy, he sincerely loved his daughter, Jinyang. Moreover, Jinyang is the hope of the Jinyang Kingdom, so how could he give her up?

"I can agree to this term on His Majesty's behalf," Wu Zun suddenly interjected from the side.

"Sir Wu Zun!" Cheng Feiyang was livid. "You can't treat Jinyang like this!"

"Your Majesty, I know you are fond of Jinyang, but Jinyang is merely a woman, after all. Could it be that you will let Jinyang inherit the Jinyang Kingdom? Before this, I already told Jinyang that she must obtain first place in this Four Kingdom Tournament. Otherwise, I will make her choose one of the emperors of the other three kingdoms and be married to him! With Jinyang's status, she must be the empress of any kingdom she enters!"

Cheng Feiyang's eyes were wide open. He did not imagine Wu Zun would say something like that to Jinyang.

"Of course, I was merely intimidating Jinyang. Even the three emperors of the other three kingdoms don't have the right to marry Jinyang! Hence, I forced her to obtain first place with everything she's got!" Wu Zun glanced at Cheng Feiyang and continued, "Now, the president of the Freedom Alliance is willing to marry Jinyang. What reason do we have to refuse?"

Cheng Feiyang's legs weakened, and he fell on the ground, his face drained of colors.

In front of other people, the experts of the Jinyang Kingdom would allow him to retain his face. But behind the scenes, he had no authority over the Jinyang Kingdom!

"I think you are mistaken." While Cheng Feiyang was embroiled in despair, the man coldly chuckled. "I only want Jinyang to become my woman, not marry her as my wife. The only one who can become my wife is Yun Yueqing! Only she deserves my love. Other women can only be concubines!"

Wu Zun was fairly displeased. However, the Freedom Alliance was gaining in strength nowadays, and this man possessed a powerful secret technique like that, so he had no choice in the matter.

Hence, Wu Zun uttered between clenched teeth, "Fine!"

"Sir Wu Zun!" Cheng Feiyang was full of disbelief and could not help but exclaim.

Wu Zun appeared to not notice his gaze and turned to the man again. "The princes of our Jinyang Kingdom, can we summon them back then?"

The man coldly glanced at Wu Zun. "With the backing of the Freedom Alliance, what need do you have for those princes?"

In other words, the Jinyang Kingdom could not keep those princes.

The corner of Cheng Feiyang's mouth twitched. His face was full of pain. This round of scheming caused him to not only lose so many sons but also pulled his most beloved daughter into it. What was laughable was that he had no power to save his daughter…

"Oh right, isn't there a white-clothed woman in the second prince of the Tianqi Kingdom's team?" Cheng Feiyang's eyes shone. "That woman resembles Qing'er too much. Send her to my bed at that time."

Even if he could not obtain Yun Yueqing, it would still be quite nice to find a substitute. Who told him to dearly love that cruel woman?

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