Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1963 - Yun Yueqing (5)

Chapter 1963: Yun Yueqing (5)

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The Jinyang Kingdom was different from other kingdoms in that they possessed three reverent-god level experts. Sir Wu Zun was one of them.

An elderly man in a long, gray robe entered and directly asked, “Your Majesty, I am very confused about one matter. Previously, when we discussed the tournament in the Jinyang Kingdom, it wasn’t held inside the Forest of Heaven’s Trial. Why did you change the location at the last minute and didn’t discuss it with me?”

Cheng Feiyang’s expression shifted. He knew he could not conceal this matter from Sir Wu Zun in the end, so he did not hide it anymore and told him about everything in details.


Hearing Cheng Feiyang’s narration, Wu Zun’s face drastically shifted. “Don’t you know what kind of person the new president of the Freedom Alliance is? The president is only 40 something years old, but he is treacherous and vicious! You believe he is luring the prodigies of the four kingdoms inside the Forest of Heaven’s Trial only to deal with Qi Su?”

Cheng Feiyang was taken back and feebly protested, “Sir Wu Zun, they shouldn’t, right?”

“Hmph! Do you think the Freedom Alliance doesn’t know the objective of the Four Kingdom Tournament? And they would be stupid enough to raise your strength for you? Wouldn’t they bring trouble onto themselves? I suspect Freedom Alliance wants to catch the prodigies of the four kingdoms in one fell swoop,” Wu Zun stated between gritted teeth.

“Immediately call Princess Jinyang back. Don’t let her continue the competition,” Wu Zun strictly ordered, a harsh glint flashing through his eyes.

“Then the other princes…”

“Our Jinyang Kingdom doesn’t lack princes. If you summon everyone back, it would raise other people’s suspicion! So we will let them struggle on their own! As for Jinyang, she is the number one prodigy of the Jinyang Kingdom. Harm mustn’t befall her.”

“Yes.” Only now did Cheng Feiyang realize that he could not resist the temptation of rising to reverent-god level and trusted Freedom Alliance alliance too easily. If he really caused Jinyang to run into danger, then the gains would not make up for the losses.

“Clap clap clap!”

Suddenly, clapping came from outside the door. Cheng Feiyang and the others’ face drastically shifted, and their head turned, discovering a middle-aged man in black entering.

Although the man was middle-aged, he was very handsome. His eyes revealed his vicious nature though, and his gaze contained his overbearing arrogance.

“It’s you!”

Cheng Feiyang’s gaze changed when he saw the man who entered. He asked between clenched teeth, “Tell me the truth. Did you suggest going to Forest of Heaven’s Trial in order to eliminate all the prodigies of the four kingdoms in one fell swoop?”

“That’s right.” The man did not deny Cheng Feiyang’s words. “The objective of the Four Kingdom Tournament is to deal with the Freedom Alliance, why would I allow you to continue as you wish?”

A cold glint flashed through Cheng Feiyang’s eyes. “So why did you come to find zhen?”

“I naturally want to lend you a hand.” The corner of the man’s lips slightly turned up. “You have already seen my previous secret technique. It would be a piece of cake for me to create a reverent-god level cultivator. Do you think a mere alliance of the four kingdoms will defeat the Freedom Alliance?”

Cheng Feiyang’s heart skipped a beat. When he recalled the ability that this man previously displayed, cold sweat dotted his forehead. He looked up, wanting to wipe the sweat off of his forehead, but the more he wiped, the more sweat appeared. He could not wipe it clean at all.

“Your objective?” Wu Zun frostily looked at the man and asked.

“It’s very simple. I want the Jinyang Kingdom to obey my orders. Of course, I will fulfill your wish and help the Jinyang Kingdom become the leader of the four kingdoms. I will also kill the other prodigies of the four kingdoms!” The man faintly smiled, his voice carrying an intense killing intent.


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