Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1962 - Yun Yueqing (4)

Chapter 1962: Yun Yueqing (4)

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Unfortunately, what she did not expect was that Qi Su did not come with the Liufeng Kingdom and came with the Tianqi Kingdom instead.

Yun Yueqing closed her eyes. A while later, she reopened them, her clenched fists were lightly trembling.

"Are you done? If you are, then immediately scram!"


The all-enveloping aura slammed into her, causing Lang Xinyue's expression to shift again. It was as though she could not breathe under this pressure.

"Yun Yueqing, I will let you gloat a little more. One day, I will make you kneel before me and beg!" She furiously glared at Yun Yueqing before turning around and disappearing in the sky.

Yun Yueqing was afraid she would turn back, so she did not withdraw the layer of pressure. A long while later, after knowing Lang Xinyue would not return, Yun Yueqing grew limp and could not stop herself from falling onto the ground.

At this time, a little tiger with blood-colored stripes treaded out of the forest. Other spirit beasts all revealed themselves one by one and walked to the front of Yun Yueqing. The tiger gently licked her cheeks.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me." Yun Yueqing smiled. "I used my aura to force her to leave, but I don't know whether she will come back in a few days. If she does, you must hide well and don't allow yourself to be seen. I don't want danger to be brought upon you because of me."

The little tiger looked up and worriedly watched Yun Yueqing.

Although these spirit beasts did not say anything, Yun Yueqing could still detect their worry.

"In a few days, my disciple should come to the Forest of Heaven's Trial. Pay closer attention then. If his life is in danger, come and inform me. Otherwise, help him if you can."

Little Tiger nodded. His enormous body laid down, allowing Yun Yueqing to lay against him to rest.

Yun Yueqing petted the tiger and turned to look at the spirit beasts. She wryly chuckled, "Little Tiger, in truth, my injury continues to worsen. The poison from back then was not detoxified, so I don't know how much longer I can live…"

"My biggest regret in life is that I was unable to recover my memory and can't recall my family!" Yun Yueqing's eyes were laden with grief. "However, I know very well that I have a daughter!"

Every night in her sleep, she would dream of a little figure tugging her clothes and crying for her to not go… And every time she dreamed of that little figure, pain would grip her heart.

"After I die, I hope you can leave Forest of Heaven's Trial and go find my daughter and also obey her."

In truth, she had been searching for more than 10 years already. How could she count on the spirit beasts of Forest of Heaven's Trial to find the family that she could not find herself?

She might have forgotten her past already, but a few scenes would occasionally flash through her mind. Those scenes revealed that her daughter could not cultivate, just like Xiao Ling'er. This was why she hoped for the spirit beasts from Forest of Heaven's Trial to find her and… protect her for the rest of her life!

"Woo woo." Little Tiger sobbed and rubbed his head against Yun Yueqing, his eyes filled with tears.

The other spirit beasts also uttered lamenting cries.

At the same time, inside the rest station of Fengyun City, Cheng Feiyang fell ill at ease. He could not help but think something was about to happen.

"Your Majesty, Sir Wu Zun is here!"

Cheng Feiyang was briefly taken back before saying, "Quickly invite him in."


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