Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1961 - Yun Yueqing (3)

Chapter 1961: Yun Yueqing (3)

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It was as though there was once a man who truly loved her! He loved her more than life!

Why couldn't she recall it?

Yun Yueqing rubbed her aching forehead, her brows slightly furrowed, giving her a pitiful look.

The woman in green clenched her teeth. She truly did not understand what was so good about this flirtatious fox. Why did the president like her so much? An impertinent woman like her did not deserve the president's liking at all!

"Yun Yueqing, if you are stubbornly unwilling to hand the stamp over, then don't blame me for being impolite!" The woman in green snorted.

Yun Yueqing was unrivaled amongst other reverent-god level cultivators. No one could defeat her, causing her reputation to be very widespread on the continent. However, Yun Yueqing had not recuperated from her serious injuries yet, so how could Yun Yueqing be a match for her?


Seeing the woman in green about to act, Yun Yueqing's aura rushed out of her body. Her gaze was as cold and cutting as a sharp sword. She exerted a pressure on the woman in green severe enough to cause her to be unable to breathe. Panic flashed through the woman's heart.

Wasn't she still injured? Where did her powerful aura come from?

"Lang Xinyue, do you really think you can do as you please simply because I'm seriously injured? Back then, I, Yun Yueqing, was able to defeat several dozens of reverent-god level cultivators with my strength alone! What effort do I need to deal with someone insignificant like you?" Yun Yueqing's lips were slightly turned up as she aloofly watched Lang Xinyue.

Trepidation flashed through Lang Xinyue's eyes. "You…"

You are fine?

"You want to know whether I have my previous strength? Test it if you dare! If you had not poisoned me, I wouldn't fear going against 100 hundred of you at the same time!" Yun Yueqing pressed a few steps closer to Lang Xinyue.

Lang Xinyue staggered back. She was used to being prudent, so she did not dare to act before knowing for sure whether Yun Yueqing had recovered yet or not.

However, she was unwilling to be weak and concede, so she bit her lips and said, "I know you accepted a disciple in the Liufeng Kingdom. If it the president didn't have to take care of important matters these past few years and also needed to comfort the old geezers inside the Alliance, he would have sought trouble from that disciple of yours long ago!"

The cold glint in Yun Yueqing's eyes resurfaced, and killing intent freely burst out.

"However…" Lang Xinyue coldly chuckled. "I don't mind telling you one thing. Recently, in order to deal with the Freedom Alliance, the four kingdoms started plotting to elect a prodigy to lead the four kingdoms."

Hearing this, Yun Yueqing halted and icily watched Lang Xinyue, waiting for her following words.

"And President sought out the Emperor of the Jinyang Kingdom, Cheng Feiyang, earlier and had him use the Forest of Heaven's Trial as the arena for the tournament. Soon, the prodigies of all the kingdoms will come here!" Lang Xinyue slightly lifted her chin. "According to a reliable source, your disciple is among them."

Yun Yueqing slightly narrowed her eyes and tightly clenched her fists.

"As for the Forest of Heaven's Trial, it will be their burial grounds!"

Yun Yueqing frostily looked at Lang Xinyue. "You said Cheng Feiyang schemed with you guys? How does that benefit him?"

"Of course it benefits him! The president promised Cheng Feiyang he would help him raise his strength to reverent-god level! You should know Master has a secret technique that can allow someone to rapidly reach reverent-god level. However, this secret technique has repercussions. The receiver of this technique will slowly wither to death in a few years!"

"What is laughable that the fool, Cheng Feiyang, firmly believed in it without any doubt after seeing President use this technique on someone in front of him! However, the president deceived him and said the target of Freedom Alliance is merely people from Liufeng Kingdom. As the fiance of a princess from Liufeng Kingdom, Qi Su will certainly join as well. As for electing a leader of the four kingdoms, our Freedom Alliance won't participate in it!"


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