Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1959 - Yun Yueqing (1)

Chapter 1959: Yun Yueqing (1)

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The entire plaza quieted down due to Cheng Feiyang's words. The Forest of Heaven's Trial was the most dangerous place in this continent! Anyone who went to the Forest of Heaven's Trial would have a brush with death! No one expected the four kingdoms would use this forest as the arena for the Four-Kingdom Tournament.

"Everyone can be at ease." Cheng Feiyang lightly smiled. "The hiding spots of the jade seals will not be deep inside the Forest of Heaven's Trial. As long as you don't go deep into the forest, you won't encounter danger."

Hearing this, everyone relaxed. The rulership position of the four kingdoms was very important, but they were more unwilling to encounter danger.

Princess Jinyang's expression remained indifferent from start to end. She surveyed the various participants and when she saw them clearly relaxing, a derisive smile slightly turned up on her lips.

When her sight landed on Yun Luofeng again and saw that she was still wicked, aloof, and calm, a glint of admiration flashed in her eyes. A woman like her truly stood out from the masses. However, she wondered whether they would be friends… or enemies in the future?

"I will go with you." Yun Xiao slowly walked next to Yun Luofeng and earnestly looked at her.

Seeing the determination in the man's eyes, Yun Luofeng knew that even if she rejected him, this man would now allow her to go to the Forest of Heaven's Trial by herself. She purposefully lowered her voice and said, "You can secretly follow me. Don't let anyone discover you."

"Okay." Yun Xiao's expression was firm. Even if Yun Luofeng declined, he would still secretly follow her. That was the only way he could relax.

"Right, Yun Xiao." Remembering something, Yun Luofeng said, "Mo Qiancheng is here as well."

Mo Qiancheng…

This name made Yun Xiao frown, but he did not say anything and pulled the woman into his arms. His voice was resolute. "I don't care how many men covet you, as long as you belong to me alone, it's enough!"

No matter how many men want to obtain you, as long as your heart stays with me, what do I have to be dissatisfied about?

Yun Luofeng's heart skipped a beat.

This man's desires had always been very simple. He never restricted her growth and never eradicated the men that appeared beside her. He had always believed that it was enough for her to have only him in her heart.

"Cough, cough." Qi Su dryly coughed, embarrassment on his face. "If you guys publicly display your affections like no one is present, shouldn't you at least consider our feelings? I am fine, but the second prince is still a bachelor. Should you guys really do this?"

Qi Ling did not think too much about this originally, but after hearing Qi Su's words, the corner of his lips involuntarily twitched. He suddenly realized that these people's public display of affection truly saddened him.

At this time, Cheng Feiyang had laid down orders for everything he needed to, slowly stood up and said, "The experts of the Jinyang Kingdom will bring you to Forest of Heaven's Trial. In half a month, we will regather at Fengyun City!"

The Forest of Heaven's Trial was not far from Fengyun City, only several hundred meters away. This was why they chose the Forest of Heaven's Trial.

However, when Qi Su heard the name 'Forest of Heaven's Trial', his features shifted and sadness rushed out of his heart. Back then, his teacher went missing without a trace after going to the Forest of Heaven's Trial. Now, he was stepping inside that place. He wondered if he could find her tracks…

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