Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1958 - Death of Qiao Yefeng (4)

Chapter 1958: Death of Qiao Yefeng (4)

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Yun Luofeng released Yun Xiao's hand and slowly walked toward Qi Su and the others.

"Take away the corpse of the princess of the Ziyue Kingdom." Cheng Feiyang distastefully glanced at the corpse lying in the pool of blood and asked with a frown, "Fourth Prince, what's your decision?"

Qiao Zixuan cupped his fists. His eyes were red as he replied, "Your Majesty, please permit my sister to remain inside Fengyun City for a few days. I will bring her back to our kingdom after the tournament."

Qiao Yefeng was already dead, and he absolutely could not lose the qualification to participate in the tournament.

"Alright." Cheng Feiyang nodded. "Zhen permits the princess to remain a few days, but I don't wish for her to tarnish the rest station, do you understand?"

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Qiao Zixuan's eyes swept toward Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng, hatred and animosity hidden in his lowered eyes.

The Four-Kingdom Tournament was an opportunity. He would make Yun Luofeng get a taste of his revenge! She must pay for her mistakes!

"The Four-Kingdom Tournament is next." Cheng Feiyang's voice suddenly turned severe. "As everyone knows, the Fengyun Continent has been leaderless, causing the current Fengyun Continent to be very chaotic. Many scattered experts have formed a team together and plan to be enemies with our four kingdoms!"

Normally, once a cultivator broke through to heavenly-god level, they would be absorbed into one of the four kingdoms, but there were some experts who were unwilling to submit to other people, so they escaped the four kingdoms and went into hiding. And now, those experts formed a team and planned to overthrow the four kingdoms.

This was why Cheng Feiyang summoned the four kingdoms and planned to establish a leader.

"Everyone, don't worry. Whichever kingdom wins this tournament will become the leader of the four kingdoms and command the four kingdoms. No one would dare to disobey!" Cheng Feiyang's voice was powerful, and his face was brimming with confidence.

In truth, he gave this order for another reason. He wanted to utilize the other kingdoms.

But he understood that it would be very difficult to win over the other three kingdoms without an objective. Coincidentally, at this time, those scattered experts started causing trouble for the four kingdoms! As a result, he used this excuse to make the Jinyang Kingdom truly rise above the other kingdoms.

As for failure—he did not consider it at all.

To Cheng Feiyang, there was not a single prodigy in the four kingdoms who could win against his daughter, Princess Jinyang. Hence, Jinyang could certainly win the leadership position for him!

Jinyang's cool voice rung in the silent plaza, "Imperial Father, it is getting late. It would be better for us to start the tournament soon."

Perhaps on purpose, Princess Jinyang's eyes flitted over Yun Luofeng's face, caution entering her eyes. The only one present who she could possibly consider to be a formidable opponent was this woman.

However, she would only accept victory from this battle and absolutely would not accept failure!

When she thought of the consequences of failure, Princess Jinyang's heart would be harshly squeezed, and she would clench her fists tighter.

"Everyone, the content of the tournament is very simple. The tournament will be held inside the Forest of Heaven's Trial! The subject was jointly proposed by Zhen and the other emperors. We also placed the imperial jade seal of each kingdom inside the forest."

Cheng Feiyang continued solemnly saying, "In the process of finding the imperial jade seal, you can not only take away another kingdom's jade seal but also steal it from someone's possession. Whoever obtains the most jade seals will become the winner! If everyone can only obtain one jade seal, then whoever returns to Fengyun City first will win!


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