Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1955 - Death of Qiao Yefeng (1)

Chapter 1955: Death of Qiao Yefeng (1)

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Yun Luofeng only said not to kill her.

But she didn't say he couldn't disable her…

Still cold-faced, Yun Xiao showed no mercy. He moved his leg and kicked Qiao Yefeng who was lying on the ground to the air. With a thud, she fell to the ground and left a big pit on the ground.

Qiao Zixuan turned pale but didn't dare say a word. The Liufeng Kingdom people were on Yun Luofeng's side, so they were very angry at Qiao Yefeng's stupid words and wished she could be beaten to death.

As for the third prince of the Tianqi Kingdom and the others, maybe they were so frightened by Yun Xiao's presumptuous behavior that they didn't dare to mess with them.

Only Cheng Feiyang of the Jinyang Kingdom winked at a strong master standing behind him. That man immediately jumped out and attacked Yun Xiao head-on from the sky.

Yun Xiao looked up at the old man falling from the sky, and a cold gleam flashed through his cold black eyes.


The old man's attack, with a strong wind, immediately blew off Yun Xiao's mask. His pitch-black hair was fluttering in the gale and slowly passed over his handsome face.

At this time, Qiao Yefeng had been taken out of the pit by Qiao Zixuan. Her body was broken, and blood was pouring from her mouth.

Fortunately, Qiao Zixuan carried spiritual herbs with him. They couldn't heal Qiao Yefeng's injury but gave her the strength to speak.

"Ghost Emperor, you ugly monster, you just retaliated against me because I didn't want to be your concubine. Do you think the woman next to you really love you? No woman will like an ugly monster. Any woman who is willing to stay with you is only for your strength! I'd rather die than marry an ugly monster!"

As Yun Xiao turned his back to Qiao Yefeng, she didn't see his face when the mask was taken off. She just heard the gasping sound around her.

Qiao Yefeng sneered in her heart. She thought the people must be scared by the Ghost Emperor's ugliness.

However, hearing her words, the people around her all looked at her with strange eyes as if she had said something stupid.

As Qiao Yefeng was puzzled, the man slowly turned around…

In an instant, Qiao Yefeng's face stiffened. She held her breath and widened her eyes. Her trembling lips revealed how shocked she was.

What kind of face was this?

It was as perfect as a god's and almost flawless. His black eyes were as cold as hawk's eyes in the night. A single glance of him would make people's hearts miss a beat.

Qiao Yefeng had seen a lot of handsome men, but this man was the most handsome man that she had ever seen. He was so handsome that he didn't look like a human being.

"Why?" Qiao Yefeng covered her aching heart with her hands and said painfully, "Why do you wear a mask even though you are so good-looking? I see. You must have been testing me, to see if I cared about your appearance or not."

Up to now, Qiao Yefeng still stubbornly believed that her father forced her to marry the Ghost Emperor as a concubine because the Ghost Emperor fell for her. Unfortunately, she didn't agree because she thought the Ghost Emperor was extremely ugly.

Yun Xiao looked at Qiao Yefeng expressionlessly, pulled Yun Luofeng into his arms, and gave a gentle smile.


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